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Receive hundreds of thousands of gifts without dowry

the issue of wedding bride price often leads to family conflicts between the two sides, and many married men are overburdened by hundreds of thousands of bride price. Recently, it was reported that the bride was beaten by the bridegroom on the wedding day because of the bride price! The bridegroom took hundreds of thousands of bride price gifts and said that the bride should accompany the bride price, but there was nothing for the bride to accompany on the wedding day, which made the bridegroom very upset Related article link:

See the wedding car home, but the bride does not get off, to get off eight thousand money. The bridegroom is angry. He pulls the bride out of the car and shouts, "go away if you don't want to get married, and return my bride price!"!

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that if it's true love, the bride price is just a form, so don't worry too much. What about the bride price all over the country? Follow Xiaobian to see the 2017 national bride price distribution map, and it's the best way to marry a Chongqing girl! Related article link:

The latest map of Chinese bride price is published: is it true that there is no gold price here? The survey results show that although the amount of bride price varies greatly in most regions, the price of bride price keeps rising in most regions. The phenomenon that "sons marry daughters, fathers and mothers take off their skin" still prevails in many rural areas. Related article link:

The latest China lottery map is out: the price of lottery in the poverty-stricken mountain area is higher than that in the suburb area. Four years ago, a "national lottery map" became popular on Weibo, causing hot discussion among netizens. People's Daily's overseas reporter recently updated the data of various places after investigating the "sky high price lottery" and the latest "China lottery map" was published.