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The best time for men to spray perfume

The best time for men to spray perfume

Sihaiwang: the main reason why perfume is not well polished is that it is too thick. The main reason why you wear too much perfume is that when you use the same perfume every day, you get used to it, and it will gradually increase. For oneself, it may be the right fragrance, but for others, the strong fragrance may have produced the "smell pollution". So which parts of the body should men's perfume spray better? When is the best time to spray perfume? Xiaobian is going to popularize science with the majority of men.

Hairline at back of neck

You may not expect that the oil on the scalp will also affect the taste of the body. If you are still a person who is prone to oil on the scalp, you can spray a little at the back of the neck where it connects with the hairline, which can improve the taste above your shoulders. There is no fear of intimacy.


Does your shirt often get wet on the back? You can spray more on the back, generally 2-3 times is enough. Although it will make you feel cool in the moment of spraying, you should not be greedy for antiperspirant products, otherwise it may affect the breath of pores.


Make frequent phone calls. There's a sweat spot on the inside of your arm. An extra long phone can even soak your arm shirt. There is no need to use too much here. Spray once to control the sweat for several hours.

Back of knee

Often sitting, you will have trouble behind the knee, not only sweating, may also have dark skin problems. Spray a proper amount of antiperspirant spray, even when a female colleague picks up a pen dropped at your feet, she will smell good.

Key points of disaster area: underarm

Underarm is the disaster area with heavy body odor. Before spraying fragrant body products, you must remember to wipe them with wet paper towels. The mixture of sweat and fragrant body products is a disaster. Don't spray too much here. It will also help to choose cotton and linen for clothing.

Focus of disaster area: waistline

If you are a man with a bit of beer belly, as well as a person who often wears a belt, this position needs special attention. The underside of your belly is particularly prone to sweating. A small amount of antiperspirant is required here.

The best time for men to spray perfume

It's the best time to put on perfume 20-30 minutes before a date or dinner. Besides, wearing perfume will make you feel cheerful. So please change your habit, put on perfume before you put on make-up. When you put on make-up, you will feel comfortable and happy because you are surrounded by fragrance. Spray perfume in advance, there will be no rush to go out and spray too much perfume. When you go out in the morning, the fragrance of perfume still exists, but because our smell will be paralyzed when we smell the same smell for a long time, so after you arrive at the destination, if you want to wear some more perfume, you must wear it a little lighter, or a little on the inside of the ankle and knee under your body. It will not have the choking smell of alcohol, but will send out a slight fragrance.