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Alibaba launched 16 free and 6 subsidies

Just now, Alibaba issued a letter of complaint to merchants, announcing 20 merchant assistance measures in six aspects. On February 10, Alibaba decided to launch 20 measures in six aspects, such as reducing the operating expenses of platform merchants and providing financial support. These measures include 16 free and 6 major subsidies, such as reducing the operating expenses of platform businesses, providing low interest or even interest free loans to businesses, and helping businesses establish digital operations for free.

Alibaba said that it would exempt all tmall merchants from the annual platform service fee in the first half of 2020, and all Taobao and tmall merchants would use the online store decoration tool 'Wangpu smart version' for free. Rookies will reduce the warehouse rent for 2 months for new businesses before March 31, 2020. National word-of-mouth merchants are exempted from commodity Commission until February 29, 2020, and Wuhan word-of-mouth merchants are exempted from commodity Commission until March 31, 2020.

In addition, the e-commerce bank under ant financial has allocated a total of 10 billion yuan of special assistance loans for businesses registered in Hubei on Taobao tmall for 12 months, of which the loan interest for the first three months is free and the interest rate for the last nine months is 20% off; Provide 12-month special assistance loans with a total amount of 10 billion for Taobao and tmall businesses in other parts of the country at a 20% discount. In order to shorten the in transit time of merchants' funds, qualified merchants can receive the payment advanced by e-commerce banks without waiting for consumers to confirm the receipt of goods after delivery. Hungry? Word of mouth will provide a total of 1 billion yuan of special support funds to some national chain catering enterprises to ease the pressure on the operating costs of catering enterprises.

In order to make the enterprise's waiting employees have work and income, HEMA has carried out cross industry "sharing employees" with catering, hotel, cinema, department store and other industries to provide HEMA jobs to the enterprise's waiting employees. The first mock exam will continue to extend to other industries. Hungry word of mouth has also launched a 'blue ocean' employment sharing platform. Employees of catering enterprises can 'temporarily transfer' to become takeout distributors or employees of Shangchao convenience stores.

In order to make the logistics turn faster, Taobao and tmall jointly set up a special fund of 1 billion yuan to subsidize the supply chain and logistics. For couriers, measures such as collection subsidies, free insurance and exemption of rookie wrapping technical service fees are provided to promote the recovery of the express network. For epidemic prevention commodities warehoused nationwide, warehouse rent and door-to-door pick-up fees in February are exempted. Provide guarantees and subsidies for businesses engaged in cross-border import and export.

Alibaba encouraged small and medium-sized enterprises through the "letter to businessmen" that "we should turn the economic and commercial machine, produce and circulate materials, reorganize the service industry, transfer funds to the enterprises most in need, and let healthy people work, go to work and go to school in various ways."