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Who is pineapple suitable for? What are the benefits of pineapple

Who is pineapple suitable for? What are the benefits of pineapple

Sihaiwang: pineapple is a fruit that we see for a long time in summer. It's sweet and sour and delicious. Many people like it. It's rich in vitamins and various minerals. It's very nutritious. But pineapple contains a kind of pineapple prion enzyme, which is very easy to cause allergy. So which people are suitable for pineapple? What are the benefits of eating pineapple? Let's have a look.

Who can eat pineapple

It's for the average person. But not everyone is suitable to eat pineapple. If they suffer from periodontitis, oral ulcer, gastric ulcer and other diseases, eating pineapple will stimulate the affected area, thus aggravating the disease. Moreover, pineapple itself contains a kind of glycosides, which can stimulate oral mucosa and skin, resulting in itching. Although this substance is harmless to human body, it will increase discomfort.

The benefits of eating pineapple

Protect skin

Pineapple has a cosmetic effect on the skin. Because pineapple contains a lot of vitamin B, which can prevent skin from drying, moisturize skin, achieve the effect of beauty and beauty, and keep skin bright. Its pulp can be used as a mask, which is the most sweet care products. The fresh juice can eliminate the age spots and reduce the incidence of age spots. Eat pineapple for a long time can also improve human immunity, resistance to the virus for human body.

reduce weight

Pineapple contains almost all the vitamins needed by the human body, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption. The secret of pineapple weight loss lies in its rich juice, which can effectively acidolysis fat, can be effectively used in food with pineapple or drinking pineapple juice every day, but do not overdo or eat raw pineapple without treatment. Bromelain can effectively decompose protein in food and increase gastrointestinal peristalsis.

Improve skin tone

Pineapple is rich in vitamins, which can not only lighten the face spots, make the skin moist and transparent, but also effectively remove the horniness, promote the skin metabolism, and make the skin present a healthy state. People with dark complexion can be wiped with pineapple juice soaked in gauze, which can whiten and tender skin for a long time. Eating pineapple after meals, or drinking pineapple and papaya juice, are really good ways to regulate skin color.

Heat clearing and heat relieving

Pineapple is not as sweet as grape or watermelon. Pineapple is sweet and warm. Eating pineapple in summer can relieve thirst in summer. If the indigestion person eats pineapple to still have the function that dispels food, and still can stop diarrhoea. It's a bit of watermelon imagination. It's good for peeing.

Eliminate cold

Cough and sore throat are the most obvious symptoms of a cold. You may as well drink a cup of fresh pineapple juice, which can cool down the temperature and effectively reduce the bronchi. Pineapple has anti-inflammatory effect, can promote blood circulation and wound healing. Pineapple can also reduce the symptoms of coughing, which can have some effect on throat diseases caused by cold.