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What's new in IOS 11.4

On March 31, apple officially released IOS 11.3 in the early morning yesterday. In addition to adding battery state function, the most exciting function for domestic users is NFC to brush bus cards. Users in Beijing and Shanghai can go out and brush iPhones in the future. After the release of the new version, the news of IOS 11.4 has been released again. According to the information exposed on the Internet, more cities will join the function of Apple's public transport card after the next version is updated.

At present, in IOS 11.3, this function can only be used to bind public transportation cards of Beijing and Shanghai. However, in the screenshot of beta 1 of IOS 11.4, it can be seen that it will support Shenzhen, Chongqing, Jiangsu and Wuhan, and more domestic users will enjoy the convenience brought by NFC card swiping.

But at present, the screenshot has not been officially confirmed by apple, but Apple has opened the NFC function, and it is believed that more cities will join in this camp in the future. Because this function has just been opened, many users have not adapted to it. According to the observation of Xiaobian in the subway station yesterday, many people began to use the iPhone to swipe their cards, but because of the new contact with it , the efficiency is not very high, so whether this function will be improved is unknown, but it can be sure that it will be more convenient to go out in the future.

At present, IOS 11.4 is officially announced to join the education related classkit framework. In the future, students and teachers will be able to use the iPad for more academic exchanges, and developers can also develop more education software to gradually realize paperless education. We hope IOS 11.4 will bring us more surprises.