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Primary school students listen to the National Anthem salute high quality patriotic netizens angry p

Primary school students listen to the National Anthem salute high quality patriotic netizens angry praise Recently, a primary school student heard the national anthem and paid attention to the national flag when he entered the school, which caused widespread discussion among netizens. A cute and clever primary school student makes such a touching move, but is criticized by some unnamed people. Some public accounts call it slavery. A child's patriotism is a respectable behavior in itself, and malicious comments can only arouse strong dislike from netizens. However, more netizens express strong praise for such high-quality patriotic behavior, which many adults can't do Sample!

In the video, students continue to walk into the school, when the national anthem and the national flag are raised in the playground, all students, teachers and pedestrians stop spontaneously. The students stood upright and paid attention to the slowly raised national flag. They didn't walk to the teaching building in groups until the flag raising ceremony was over.

The primary school in the video is Lianyungang West Road Primary School in the south of Baoding City, Hebei Province. On the afternoon of May 24, President Bai of Lianyungang West Road Primary School accepted an interview with reporters on the video explosion. President Bai said that she was very moved by the attention of netizens caused by the video.

'the content of the video, without rehearsal or rehearsal, is just the real presentation of the school's daily work, not something to show off. "Most of the comments were full of positive energy, which moved me a lot," said President Bai. This little work done by the school can be recognized and affirmed by the society. I think the direction of education is right. 'why not line up for the flag raising ceremony' questioned by some netizens, President Bai said that the school only held a formal flag raising ceremony on Monday, and the other working days were to simplify the ceremony, which was completed by the flag raisers and flag protectors.

"Education should take moral education as the soul," said President Bai. The concept of comprehensive education should be embodied in moral education. The work of raising the flag is a small part of patriotism education in school moral education, but the ceremony is solemn, solemn and sacred. Our teachers and students experience it every day and are baptized mentally. '

Netizens hot discussion:

Cure inside: I also like this when I was a child, the National Anthem can not move, no matter where you are. As long as you hear it, you should look at the direction of the red flag, and be a useful person after meditating in your heart!

No matter where you are (including abroad), if you hear the national anthem, please stop, stand up, finish the national anthem, and then leave.

Moechan Chen Meng's little fudie: I was late for junior high school once. When I came to school and just played the national anthem, I stopped to watch the flag raising.

Spring temperature: stand upright, face the national flag, pay attention to the ceremony!!!

Dongjin ideal: the patriotic education work of the school is well done! Thank the hard gardeners!

Lost little sheep: I remember that when I was in primary school, I was required to recite the school motto, and I had to write it by heart. There was one in it. I listened to the national anthem and took off my hat to pay attention. I dare not forget it. This is the belief of our country. We should be proud of being born in such a prosperous and powerful country!