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How to downgrade Apple IOS 11 to stable IOS 10

How to downgrade Apple IOS 11 to stable IOS 10 many friends who upgrade to the firmware of IOS 11 developers choose to downgrade from IOS 11 to the stable version of IOS 10 because the system stability and fluency are not ideal. Currently, the upgraded version of IOS 11 is only the first version for developers, so it is not very easy to use. Many users also respond that there will be hardware bugs such as no charging, and they will want to restore to a stable version of IOS 10 at this time. The following editor has organized the IOS 11 restore to IOS 10 tutorial, and the following is IOS 10.3.2 as an example.

Ios11 restore ios10 tutorial:

1. Prepare a data line between a computer and a mobile phone to ensure the normal connection between the computer and the mobile phone. In addition, you need to install the latest version of iTunes on the computer and run iTunes normally.

2. Download the IOS 10 firmware you want to downgrade from the computer in advance. The current stable version is IOS 10.3.2 firmware.

3. When you are ready, open iTunes software on your computer and plug in your device with a data cable. When the tool identifies the device, click switch to start using.

4. If it is a Windows computer (such as win10 / win8 / win7), hold down the "shift" key first, and then click "check update" in the "iTunes tools" interface

5. We can find the 'IOS 10.3 firmware' that has been downloaded on the desktop, click to select it, and then click 'open' in the lower right corner. At the same time, click "update" in iTunes confirmation update prompt box.

6. Wait for iTunes to complete the system's successful swiping in, and after the phone restarts, IOS 11 will be downgraded.

The above is the IOS 11 perfect downgrade tutorial. Compared with the IOS 11 upgrade tutorial, it's a lot more complicated. According to the user's response, there will be various unexpected events during the degradation process, such as the card progress bar, iTunes stop corresponding and so on. In this case, you can try it several times, or even use the third software mentioned in the beginning.