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What is majibao and how to use it

On March 29, Alibaba Department released the "majibao" value sharing digital marketing platform and officially launched the internal test. On the same day, Alibaba responded that the test product has been offline. So, what is majibao? How to use it? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What is majibao

Netease play ball, phoenix play egg, Ali play & hellip; & hellip;

After Netease launched Netease star and phoenix egg, majibao, a blockchain product under the banner of Ali, has swiped the screen.

Ma Jibao is produced by Ali's mother. On the home page of Ma Jibao, it says "Taobao customer's ecological rights and interests pass". The promotion information of the circle of friends is also: 'ma Jibao's creation internal test is opened, invitation code: xxxxx, Ma Jibao is Taobao customer system score, and can exchange all kinds of Taobao customer rights in the future. '

Taobaoke, on the other hand, is synonymous with "net earning" and "collecting wool".

There are three kinds of rewards for doing tasks in majibao: calculation power, majibao and cash. The higher the calculation power, the more majibao you get. The total amount of online majibao is 21 billion, including 8.4 billion of Poe distribution, which will be gradually released in the next 84 years and completed in 2101.

Maggie wants you to play all your life.

When you log in to majibao, you can jump to Taotao and log in. Similar to the situation when Netease was launched on February 9 this year, the newly launched majibao interface is very simple, and the initial mechanism is the same: by inviting friends and doing tasks to increase the computing power, the computing power can be mined, and there is a maximum number of daily mining.

Unlike Netease, majibo has many roles.

Buyers can exchange shopping rights and interests, such as: Taobao / tmall coupons, Taobao / tmall shopping privileges, one Taobao purchase rights.

The seller can exchange marketing resources, such as: specific flow and pit resources, specific marketing activity registration qualification, Ali mom marketing privileges.

Promoters can exchange Taobao customer function privileges, such as: High Commission privileges, Taobao customer API permissions and volume adjustment, promotion bit ID / unionid authorized quantity.

There are other ecological rights and interests of other ecological roles.

Majibao is too straightforward. At the beginning, he told users that mining can be exchanged for commodities. Based on the above information, majibao is integrated into Taobao's "online earning" ecosystem, and is positioned as a distribution platform, especially the secondary invitation mechanism, with a strong taste of "online earning".

Invite friends to add computing power and do tasks to calculate power, which is very similar to the "online earning" mechanism of funny headlines. This social fission and benefit driven model has been verified. The task setting of majibao is similar to that of Netease star. It can get through the app matrix through tasks and increase user activity.

As a user, the most concerned is what the value of the excavated majibao is. Now we can't see anything in majibao. Let's take a look at how Netease planet 'assigns value' to black diamond.

On the morning of March 27, an auction was held on Netease planet. The first commodity to be auctioned was Netease Black Pork, which was delivered six times a year, each time for 1.4kg. It was auctioned by users with 73 black diamonds. The price of the Black Pork golden pig card at this auction was 850 yuan.

This auction process is the process of assigning value to the black diamond. It gives users a psychological price of the black diamond in kind: 73 black diamonds = 850 yuan, so the black diamond has a monetary value (although it can only be used on Netease planet). In the future, as long as regular auction activities are held, the dynamic value of black diamond can be understood through the auction situation.

In turn, the value of black diamonds will encourage users to complete more tasks, increase computing power, earn more black diamonds, and collect wool by spending time, money, etc. on the Netease app matrix. The black diamonds that can be dug out every day are fixed. As long as Netease recycles the black diamonds regularly with commodities, it can continuously motivate users to be active in the Netease app matrix.

Looking back at majibao, it is likely to be the same pattern. Unlike the black diamonds produced by Netease, majibao can get two kinds of rewards: majibao and cash. Users have more identities. It can be concluded that compared with Netease planet, majibo will be more open, play more, and give majibo 'currency value' faster.

But soon, Ali responded to the problem of majibao. They acknowledged the existence of majibao, but denied its relationship with blockchain and currency issuing.

Later, Ali's mother also responded:

Majibao is on fire, but it has nothing to do with blockchain

Everyone's warm forwarding makes majibao hot!

But there's too much fake news. The truth is--

Ma Jibao is just a Taoke task distribution system tested by Ali's mother. Taoke gets points for completing tasks.

Points are just a sign, neither cash nor trade circulation.

In addition, majibao has nothing to do with blockchain technology, and nothing to do with currency issuing.

At present, this test product has been offline. Please wait for the official version to go online.

Don't talk about it. I need to uninstall it

Through the above introduction of what is and what is the use of majibo, I believe that now you should be able to figure out how to play this majibo and what is the operation strategy of the tutorial.