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Guo Fucheng's account was stolen and issued a statement reminding the account to temporarily stop al

Guo Fucheng


According to Hong Kong media reports, Guo Fucheng will hold a concert tour in the United States this month. He has just completed his performance in Las Vegas and will continue his tour in New York. Although in other places, he is still very concerned about the situation of pneumonia in Wuhan and hopes to gradually solve the epidemic problem. In the official social account of the 'Hospital Authority staff front', it was found that Guo Fucheng's account was also concerned.

Until this morning, Guo Fucheng issued a statement on the Internet, saying that his account had been embezzled. He sent a message: 'I am now in the United States preparing for the concert at the Connecticut station on February 8. A colleague from the Information Technology Department of the company has just informed me that my account @ aaronkwokxx was stolen by an illegal organization or person, resulting in abnormal circumstances in the account. In order to ensure the security of artists' social platform accounts, the company has verified with relevant network institutions. Therefore, all operations and releases of my account will be suspended until the account is fully secured. "