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What's the old man's handshake? How to relieve the old man's handshake in our life, we often see the old people walk with trembling hands and feet. They will tremble when holding things. Maybe many people think it's caused by natural aging and lack of strength. In fact, it's not. The old people's trembling hands may be caused by some kind of disease. Let's love to see what causes the old people.

What is the reason for the old people's hand shaking

1. Brain dysfunction

Cerebral arteriosclerosis, poor blood supply to the brain, brain cells decline and affect the physiological function. This is mostly manifested in small movements of hand shaking, especially when writing more obvious, more on one side.

2. Anticipatory anxiety

This problem often creates a situation in which the patient feels fear. For example, you are very worried that your hands will shake when someone is present at work. As a result, when someone comes to you, your hands are shaking.

3. Diseases of cerebellar hemisphere

It can be caused by tumor, cerebellar atrophy and insufficient blood supply to the brain. This kind of hand tremor is characterized by intentional tremor, that is, it does not shake when it is still, but appears when it is moving. At the same time, it can be combined with nystagmus, drunkard gait, uncoordinated movement, occasional tinnitus, deafness and so on.

4. Parkinson's disease

This is a kind of degenerative disease in the elderly. In addition to hand shaking, it is accompanied by slow movement, stiff limbs, poor balance function and other symptoms. If not treated, the symptoms will become more and more severe. The disease needs the help of a specialist.

Symptoms of hand shaking in the elderly

1. Most of them show small movements of hand shaking, especially when writing, which often occurs on one side. The shaking may not occur during the large-scale action of force.

2. It is characterized by intentional tremor, that is, it does not shake when it is still and shakes when it is moving. If you use your fingers to the tip of your nose, your hands will tremble and point inaccurately. At the same time, you may also have nystagmus, drunk gait when walking, uncoordinated movements, occasional tinnitus, deafness and other phenomena.

3. Hand shaking occurs when doing fine movements, such as writing, holding chopsticks, buttons, etc. Hand shaking is more obvious when you are nervous or tired. When you are in mental relaxation or rest, the symptoms will be relieved or disappear completely. Symptoms can be relieved after drinking.

How to deal with the hand shaking of the elderly

1. Acknowledge aging and relax yourself

Usually found that their own unnatural, blushed, shaking hands, the elderly will consciously or unconsciously make efforts to control these reactions. The problem is that the work of the autonomic nervous system is very difficult to be controlled by our consciousness in a short time. So the harder you try to control, the easier it is to find that the control is ineffective. As a result, you will be in a state of tension or even anxiety. The problem of shaking hands will be more serious.

2. Coffee and broad bean food conditioning

Broad bean

Broad bean contains calcium, zinc, manganese and phospholipid, which are important ingredients for regulating brain and nerve tissue, and it is rich in cholelithine, which can enhance memory and strengthen brain function.


Coffee can have many effects on human body, such as diuresis, stimulation of central nervous system and respiratory system, expansion of blood vessels, acceleration of heart rate, enhancement of strength of striated muscle and alleviation of brain and muscle fatigue.