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The virus is detected on the door handle. These cleaning blind spots are easy to cause the risk of t

3, reporters learned from the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and prevention, the Guangzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention in New Coronavirus's pneumonia surveillance, found a New Coronavirus nucleic acid in the door handle of a confirmed patient. It was the first time that Guangzhou found it in the external environment, suggesting that the city people should pay more attention to hand hygiene.

For the first time, the nucleic acid of New Coronavirus was found in the external environment.

Disease control experts remind that in daily household details, there are many ways that may cause the indirect transmission of the virus, which are easy to be ignored, such as mobile phone screen, computer keyboard, faucet and so on.

Virus nucleic acid was detected on the anti-theft door handle of the confirmed case

Zhang zhoubin, deputy director of Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and prevention, introduced that the current daily inspection and measurement of the municipal disease control and testing laboratory has reached about 660, which is close to the limit of the laboratory. The test samples come from the screening samples sent by the hospital, including the samples of close contacts after epidemiological investigation. In the epidemiological investigation of confirmed cases, external environmental samples will also be collected in the home environment.

"With our deepening knowledge of New Coronavirus, we now know that viruses are mainly spread through droplets, and there are contacts. Zhang zhoubin said that contact transmission includes direct contact transmission and indirect contact transmission. Direct contact, that is, direct contact with infected cases, will be investigated as close contacts.

For ordinary community residents, the risk is more from indirect contact. 'if the virus is attached to the surface of the object and their hands touch the contaminated surface, eating, rubbing their eyes and other actions may cause their own infection.'

Zhang zhoubin introduced that when the municipal CDC conducts epidemiological investigation on confirmed cases, it will understand the recent activities and contact personnel of the cases, and take corresponding samples for door handles, faucets, computer keyboards and mice that are often touched in the home environment.

In our recent monitoring, New Coronavirus nucleic acid was also detected in the door handle sampling of a case's security door. This reminds us that we must do a good job in home cleaning, and it is also very important to wash hands frequently. "

These clean blind spots in the home environment can easily lead to transmission risks

Wash your hands with running water and hand sanitizer before and after meals, before contacting food, and the first time you go out and go home.

For home furnishing, Zhang Zhoubin said New Coronavirus virus is sensitive to chlorine disinfectants and heat sensitive, but the survival of viruses is different in different home furnishing habits and hygiene habits.

In the daily home environment, mobile phones, telephones, mouse and keyboard, light switches, faucets, door handles, etc. are all places that are often touched, but the health situation is often ignored, resulting in potential indirect transmission risks, which needs to be paid high attention.

Mobile phone: 'our family consumes the two largest cleaning supplies, one is 84 disinfectant and the other is disinfection wipes.' Zhang zhoubin introduced that his family has always had two habits: 'after washing hands at home, wipe and clean the mobile phone with a disinfectant wipes, and mop the floor with 84 disinfectant in the evening. Now, the importance of these two habits is becoming more and more important. " The keyboard, mouse, light switch, etc. can also be wiped with a disinfectant wipes according to the cleaning method of the mobile phone. " Note that it is a disinfected wet towel, not an ordinary wet towel. " Zhang zhoubin said.

Floor: floor and other surfaces can be disinfected with disinfectant. Zhang zhoubin reminded citizens that when choosing disinfectant, they should choose products with "Xiaowei license" license number on the back, and the disinfection effect is relatively guaranteed. Use disinfectant and configure it according to the proportion instructions for disinfection of different items in the product manual.

Faucet: 'there are not many families with automatic sensing faucets. Most people turn on the faucet when they wash their hands and turn off the faucet after washing. If someone has a virus on his hand, he will get it again when he turns off the tap after washing his hands. " Zhang zhoubin pointed out that the faucet is also a cleaning blind spot, and attention should be paid to the faucet cleaning in hand washing.

Toilet: after going to the toilet, in order to prevent the water in the toilet from splashing out, the cover should be covered and then press the flush key. Wash hands with hand sanitizer and flowing water in time after going to the toilet and flushing the toilet. And it is best to flush the toilet cover regularly.

Source: Guangzhou Daily, Huasheng Online