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20 "tips" for going to Tibet

Tibet is the closest place to the sky. It's beautiful and sacred. It's the place that freedom loving people yearn for. If you decide to go to Tibet, you must remember the following 'advice'. Then you can learn something about going to Tibet with Xiaobian.

1. Don't take a bath for the first two or three days when you just arrived in Tibet. Wait until your body adapts to the plateau, then wash again. Otherwise, you will easily catch a cold and finally develop pulmonary edema.

2. The best way is to get in by train and out by plane, and go there by plane at the beginning, which is easy to cause plateau reaction.

3. There are two things to do first after arriving at Lhasa. One is to buy two bottles of oxygen in the supermarket for emergency use. The other is to have a good sleep and not be too excited.

4. When taking photos in the Potala Palace Square, you should pay attention not to sit and take photos, not to pull banners or put bags.

5. Photos of Tibetan mastiff and yak in Yanghu lake and namcuo lake are charged, generally around 20 yuan.

6. If you go to Linzhi, you will pass a place where Songzanganbu was born. Don't take the Tibetan Mastiff in the door when you take photos of the door. You need to collect money.

7. The military facilities along Tibet are also not allowed to be photographed, such as the Nujiang bridge on the Sichuan Tibet line.

8. You can't wear skirts or sunglasses when visiting Potala Palace. The ticket checker won't let you in.

9. Tickets for the peak season of Potala Palace are very difficult to buy. You must queue up in advance in the morning.

10. Don't buy Tibetan medicine or Cordyceps on the roadside. Most of them are fake. If you want to buy them, you'd better go to Lhasa's pharmacy.

11. Don't bargain with others for things you don't plan to buy. If you do well, you must buy them. Otherwise, Tibetans will be very angry.

12. Most of the Tibetan ornaments in Baguo Street are handicrafts. Just buy them and play with them. Don't spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to buy them.

13. Pay attention to the self driving tour. There are manual speed measurement on many roads in Tibet. If you exceed the speed limit, you will not be fined money but time.

14. When you stop to take photos on the road, don't park on the side near the mountain, because there are often falling rocks.

15. ID card, driver's license and driving license are required for refueling in Tibet, among which the driver's license and driving license must be the same.

16. Foreigners and our Taiwan compatriots are not allowed to travel freely in Tibet. Hong Kong, Macao compatriots and Xinjiang tourists need to apply for relevant certificates.

17. The ultraviolet rays in Tibet are very strong. When you go to Tibet, you must protect yourself from the sun. Otherwise, it's not only the face that is dark.

18. There is a big temperature difference between the morning and the evening in Tibet. Take more thick clothes, at least a thin sweater in summer, and a down jacket in spring and autumn.

19. In Tibet, coins are not in circulation and only paper money can be used.

20. Don't bring any more stationery to the Tibetan area. You can't deliver them along the way. You should change more change.