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Super Bowl chieftains win the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs ended a half century long 'championship shortage' on the 2nd, winning the championship of the 'Super Bowl' finals of the major league football (NFL) in 2020. The team's quarterback Patrick & middot; Malhoms won the title of most valuable player.

That night, the chiefs were still 10-20 behind the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter. At the critical moment, mahomes instigated three attacks in five minutes to help the team reverse the score.

Mahomet's first attack was to cooperate with his teammates and push the ball to the first 21 yards of the array. Then the referee decided that 49 people were fined yards for foul, and the Emirates team was only 1 yard away from the end zone. Mahomes successfully passed it to Kyles to complete the touchdown. With the extra points hit, the chiefs chased the score to 17-20. With the help of mahomes, Williams successfully helped the team surpass the score. Since then, he rushed all the way to 38 yards and directly reached the array area. After hitting additional points, the chiefs locked the victory 31-20 and won the 'Super Bowl' Finals again after 50 years.

24-year-old mahomes has also become the youngest player to win the most valuable player and the 'Super Bowl' finals in NFL history.

'we have never lost confidence, which is the most important thing. No one in the whole team was depressed. We believed in each other and fought together to the end. " Mahomes said.