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Recommendation of the most reliable travel website

Recommendation of the most reliable travel website

Sihainet: the Internet industry is always where it's hot, always new and tired of the old. In recent years, the economic development has led to the development of tourism. People who can't do without the Internet are also keen to browse some tourism information on the Internet. When we travel, we have to do some strategies and read some travel notes. So what about the popular travel websites? When we travel, which one will be more helpful to our travel?

I. E-commerce

Ctrip, eLong, mango, etc., Hotel + air ticket reservation; where to go, kuxun, etc., tourism search + reservation;

The user experience is not much different. It's very mature.

Mom donkey, starting with tickets, now also works as a route; Touniu, online travel agency, and the networking of traditional travel agency's route business.

II. Tourism community

Traveller net, mafengwo, magic cube, etc., strategies, travel notes sharing, gathering place for donkey friends.

As the name suggests, the poor travel network mainly shares information about low-cost air tickets and hotels. Some people often sun 0 yuan air tickets 0 yuan hotel.

III. tourism information

The tourism channels of fun, Sina tourism, Sohu tourism, Netease tourism and other portals are the collection of tourism related information, which can see some trends of tourism industry.

IV. websites of Tourism Institutions

National Tourism Administration, Asian airlines, etc., websites of some tourism related institutions. There are also some professional and timely information about tourism. For example, Air Asia, often has a big promotion, Southeast Asia around the ticket sales.


I think the best travel website in China. I've used Ctrip's tourist products and the service is quite good. First of all, you can open the page of Ctrip Travel. Com, on which there will be many travel related services. From booking air tickets, train tickets to bus tickets, there is a one-stop service. You can also book hotels, hotels, pick-up appointments in advance, and even some of Ctrip's own tourism products, such as peripheral tours, overseas tours, high-end customized tours and a series of products. The description of tourism products is accurate, including where you are going to start, There are also some things to prepare for travel.

Tuniu is also a travel website similar to Ctrip. The difference between the two websites is very small. Maybe it's just some differences in services. There are also tourism products, some details are different. Tuniu is also a good travel website. This website is mainly for consumers to provide services for various tourist routes. What's more intimate is that you can choose your city as the starting point to find the right tourism route. In addition, there are many tourist attractions, tourism strategies and so on. Before I go out to travel, I'm used to collecting information on Touniu travel website and making a good strategy of travel routes.

person whom no one dares provoke

Mafeng is a travel social networking site that provides 60000 destinations around the world. Mafeng has covered the world's popular travel destinations, and comments on scenic spots, restaurants, hotels, etc. are shared by tens of millions of users, and help over 100 million tourists develop tourism programs. There are many travel notes and tourism strategies on Ma Feng's nest. It's not just a few simple comments on other websites, but a combination of pictures and texts, a real feeling, which seems particularly attractive. I like to go to the wasp's nest to read the travel notes when I'm free. Although I haven't gone to some places, I can count on them.

These domestic tourism websites can help you get great convenience in independent tourism. You can choose a comprehensive website to help you plan your trip, or you can choose the advantages of each website to use flexibly. I hope you can get help.