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Which is the better difference between L'Oreal and Lancome

Girls will pay more and more attention to skin care when they reach a certain age. Skin care can delay skin aging and make skin more compact and glossy. Lancome and L'Oreal are two common skin care products on the market. Which is the better effect of Lancome and L'Oreal? What are the differences between them? Let's have a look.

Which is better, Lancome or L'Oreal

In terms of efficacy, I think the performance of the two products is similar, but the difference is not big in short-term use, and the absorption function of the follow-up products is similar. It may be different for long-term use.

L'Oreal wins in terms of cost performance.

Overall, Lancome won. L'Oreal added alcohol, sensitive skin cuticle thin or use it with caution. Lancome is easy to absorb and gentle.

What's the difference between Lancome and L'Oreal


There is not much difference between Lancome black bottle and L'Oreal black bottle in terms of ingredients. The main ingredients used are lysate, sodium hyaluronate, glucoside ascorbate, yeast extract, etc. However, the efficacy of skin care products depends not only on the ingredients used, but also on the proportion of each ingredient. Therefore, the difference between Lancome black bottle and L'Oreal black bottle cannot be seen in the ingredients.


In fact, the texture of Lancome and L'Oreal is very similar, both of which are translucent. But when using, it will be found that the quality of Lancome black bottle will be pushed away better and absorbed by the skin faster. Although L'Oreal black bottle has good ductility, it is a little inferior to Lancome black bottle~


Lancome small black bottle will be a light fragrance after opening, suitable for fairies who like light taste. But L'Oreal small black bottle has continued the consistent style, after opening, it is a strong fragrance, so you need to choose carefully if you like the light taste.


Lancome small black bottle:

After the use of Lancome small black bottle, it can have an immediate effect, which has a very good effect on improving skin quality, brightening skin tone, etc. After the previous night's use, you can obviously feel that the whole skin is in good condition the next day, sending out a natural sense of penetration from inside to outside.

L'Oreal small black bottle:

L'Oreal's little black bottle doesn't have any obvious feeling after use. It may be that it keeps the skin in a relatively stable state. Generally speaking, it's useless.

Introduction to Lancome small black bottle

Lancome small black bottle is the world's first essence skin care product based on 'gene maintenance'. It has won more than 130 Beauty Awards around the world. It is a bottle of No.1 word-of-mouth product sold in 2 minutes. It is suitable for all kinds of essential products in the whole age. It can repair the bottom of the skin deeply and double the follow-up maintenance. It can be obtained by 7 days' soft, elastic and moist touch. It is delicate, transparent and visible, and can create unbelievable young skin. On October 21, 2013, the upgraded version of small black bottle was successfully launched.