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Is Shuanghuanglian effective against coronavirus

(original title: Shuanghuanglian rumor refuted: the 'good news' of human life must be accurate and accurate!)

Last night, a "Shuanghuanglian oral liquid can inhibit New Coronavirus' news in micro-blog, WeChat crazy pass, online pharmacy instantly run out.

In some local streets, people even lined up to buy medicine overnight. For Shuanghuanglian, some people have long thrown away academician Zhong Nanshan's advice of "don't go out", which is worrying.

After a night of nationwide drug grabbing, this morning, major media have issued a call not to rush to buy and take drugs by themselves, 'inhibition' is not equal to prevention and treatment.

At present, any good news is a 'life-saving straw' for ordinary people. Seeing the plot reversal overnight, Chang'an Jun still wants to say a few words.

The more special the moment, the more rational thinking. In special times, people are more eager for news than ever, whether it is the bad news of the increase in the number of confirmed cases or the good news of drug research breakthroughs. But the more special the moment, the more we should keep independent thinking and rational judgment. It is said that 'rumors stop at wise people'. Many times, if you think calmly, you can avoid being coerced by the torrent of information. Don't be impulsive. If you stay at home and listen, see and think more, you can contribute to the fight against the epidemic, which is safer than rushing into the street blindly.

The louder the voice, the more accurate it is. News media and influential we media are bridges for information transmission, and the role of loudspeakers is more significant than usual. Many people rushed out of the house and into the pharmacy with the idea of "he's right when he's loud". It is of course the bounden duty of the media platform to deliver sound to the public at the first time and be a good public's eyes and ears. However, in the face of "good news" that is vital to human life, we should be more accurate and reliable so as not to "hope for a vicious circle of disappointment".

The more authority, the more people should understand. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, researchers have been fighting day and night on the front line of studying the virus' home base ', transmitting a lot of reassuring good voices. But when speaking to the public, we should say more vernacular that ordinary people can understand. What is inhibition? What is prevention? What works? Only by taking academic responsibility and social responsibility can the 'good voice' really play a 'good role'.

In this war, authoritative information is one of the important resources. If you use every word on the blade, you can expect victory.

In January 31st, some media learned from the Shanghai Institute of medicine of China Academy of Sciences that the joint research of the Institute and Wuhan virus initially discovered that Chinese medicine Shuanghuanglian oral liquid could inhibit New Coronavirus. Earlier, based on the results of SARS related research and drug discovery in the early stage of Shanghai medicine, we focused on the screening and evaluation of new therapeutic candidates for the virus and the new use of old drugs.

After the news was released, it was found that 'Shuanghuanglian oral liquid' was basically out of stock by querying the online sales channels of major pharmacies.

1, the media hints that so far, there is no drug used to prevent and treat New Coronavirus. Specific treatments are being studied and will be tested through clinical trials. And remind ordinary people: do not take Shuanghuanglian oral liquid by yourself. It is inaccurate to use traditional Chinese medicine without syndrome differentiation and treatment! Please follow the doctor's advice.

Source: An Jian, director of the central political and Legal Commission