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What's the taboo of wearing Chen? What is the role of Chen in Fengshui?

Many people in China like to use their money to attract money. Some business people pay special attention to it. Chen Chen is a ferocious auspicious beast, and has a strong heart to protect the Lord, which has a certain effect of exorcism. Do you know about the taboo of wearing a dog? Sihaiwang life editor arranges some precautions for you about wearing a dog. You can have a look.

What is the role of Qi in Fengshui?

The function of Chen in Fengshui can be described as follows:

1. It has the function of calming the house and eliminating evil spirits. Placing the open and bright ones at home can make the family run well, strengthen good luck, drive away evil spirits, have the effect of calming the house, become the guardian God of the family, and ensure the safety of the family.

2. It has the function of pursuing wealth and flourishing wealth. In addition to helping the poor, it is also helpful for the good, so the businessmen who do business should also place their money in the company or at home Related article link:

3. It has the effect of dissolving Wuhuang Dasha. It can be used to turn evil houses and prosperous wealth, especially in the aspect of wealth.

What's the taboo, please?

1. People who belong to tiger are not suitable to wear Chen. White tiger and Chen are opposite. People born in the year of tiger will weaken the spirit of Chen to a great extent. If you need to wear a tiger, you should pay special attention to the maintenance of the tiger, because your every move is likely to be different from the tiger, not to mention the tiger accessories at home or on your body.

2. We must not say "buy", we must say "please", which is the same as many religious laws.

3. Chen Chen as a gift must be before he opens the light. In fact, opening the light is a process of making him accept the spirit of heaven and earth and connect with them. After opening the light, he opens his eyes to recognize the Lord Related article link:

4. It's better to be symmetrical left and right when asking for the dog. Nowadays, many dog models are not in the middle of the tail and the teeth are not the same size when grasping one before and one after the other. At this time, just tie a red rope on the dog's neck to dissolve it.

5. For Chen Chen pendants, many people like to add some ornaments on the top of his head. The ornaments will block his eyes, and the eyes are exactly where he seeks wealth. So even if it is a small bead decoration, it should not be too large, the general weight should not be more than a gram, the diameter should not be more than half a centimeter.

6. Chen Chen is inclusive of all things. It can be worn with any jewelry, jade and other accessories, but it should be careful not to touch them as much as possible, especially the ones made of jade, which are easy to be damaged.

7. Once you wear it for the first time, don't leave it idle for a long time. Knowing human nature, if you don't wear it for a long time, you will feel that the master is not good enough to you, but increasingly unfamiliar to the master, and the ability to recruit money appears to be lazy.

8. Avoid strong light. If you want to go to a place with strong sunlight for holiday, you should pay attention to the protection of Chen. In addition, the light of the mirror is not good for Chen. Do not look him in the mirror. You can't point the screen at the TV or computer, and the light produced by the screen is also a taboo. For people who use the computer for a long time, it's better to remove the screen you wear at work.

9. Don't eat hot pepper when wearing it, because it will drain the wealth Related article link:

10. Many people put Chen's head right in front of the gate and think that it's a way to recruit money. In fact, this misunderstands Chen's habits. It's considered unlucky that Chen Chen's head rushed to the front door. You can't flush the toilet with your head. It needs to be at a certain angle for the head to rush to the front door.

11. Don't rush your head into the mirror to prevent the light from affecting your spirit.

12. Women are not to be consecrated during pregnancy and menstruation, but for the blood and the womb.

13. It is better not to move it once it is put in place. If it is necessary to move it during cleaning, it is necessary to pack the head with red silk cloth for handling.

14. Wear red rope on wrist and neck.

15. He can't touch his mouth, because he takes money with his mouth; he can't touch his eyes, because he looks for treasure with his eyes.