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What's the matter with the trial women's cars on the subway? Is it reliable to guard against sex wol

What's the matter with the trial women's carriages in the subway? Since the summer, the subway sex wolves have been active in many places, causing many sexual harassment incidents, which not only infringed on the rights and interests of women, but also bothered the subway department, so they have to come up with countermeasures.

For example, as early as September 2013, Wuhan Metro provided special waiting areas for women before 7 a.m. and after 9 p.m. Today, members of the CPPCC Guangdong Committee suggest that the subway should be equipped with "female carriages" to provide diversified and personalized services to keep female passengers away from the subway sex wolves. At the same time, this proposal has been supported by 67% of the respondents. In particular, Shenzhen will select three subway lines in June to try out "female carriages".

However, putting women in 'cages' to hide is obviously making a mountain out of a molehill, even amplifying the risk of public security. For example, setting up "women's carriages" seems to warn women that there are traps everywhere on the subway, and there are dangers everywhere. Men may be a sex wolf in human skin. If you think about it, don't women become vulnerable? Who dares to take the subway? It's undeniable that women take more risks than men, but stability and harmony are still the mainstream environment of the subway, and there are not so many crises and traps. In particular, the majority of men on the subway are still upright men. Therefore, it is not necessary to take every strange man as a villain or even a sex wolf.

Of course, we don't rule out that there have been cases of sexual harassment of women on the subway, but after all, they are only individual phenomena. Now, the individual phenomenon is magnified into a social phenomenon, a public security risk, and women are locked in a safe 'cage', separating men and women from each other, which is obviously a partial way of prevention. Imagine that some enterprises often have sexual harassment. Do they want to separate all female employees from their male superiors and male employees? Moreover, some buses also have sexual harassment, do they need to add female buses?

It can be seen that the setting of 'female carriage' reflects public security anxiety. In other words, providing women with special waiting areas or carriages is not a good way to prevent the subway sex wolves, but exposes the single management means of the subway department, even the existence of lazy political thinking. In fact, there are more ways than difficulties to prevent subway sex wolves. For example, when the subway department reminds women to pay attention to dress, it can continuously improve women's awareness of self-protection and protection through a variety of publicity and education methods; in addition, the subway department can establish a special management organization, or set up a 'subway security' team to engage in the subway security work; more importantly, the public security department should include the subway into the 'key protection unit', and select 'subway police' It is specially responsible for the daily patrol work of the carriages and the subway station hall. Once the subway sex wolf is found, it will be attacked and put into the 'cage' severely punished according to law.