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How to deal with men's following women's chest attack and girls' being attacked by salty pig hands i it's getting hotter and hotter in summer. Many female friends start to dress up sexy, and sex wolves are also starting to be active. Summer is also a high incidence period for girls to encounter salty pig hands. What should girls do when they encounter salty pig hands?

Recently, police cracked a typical case of salty pig hand. The victim was riding a bicycle on the road. Unexpectedly, she suddenly reached out a hand behind her, touched her chest, and then rode the tram to escape quickly.

Xuzhou public security new city branch reported a newly discovered case of salted pig hand. Since May, a man riding an electric car appeared on several roads in the new city. He followed the girl behind, suddenly attacked his chest, and then rode to run.

The woman who reported the crime was riding normally. Suddenly, she felt a hand behind her. She cried out. The other party touched her and ran away. When the police arrived at the scene, the woman was still in a state of panic.

When the street attack chest, bad behavior, the police comb similar cases found that every five or six days, the man will come out to commit crimes.

Police found that the man would track the target for a long time every time he committed a crime, waiting for a place with a small number of people, and suddenly took the initiative to carry out criminal activities and conduct indecency. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Through a large number of monitoring and analysis, the police have mastered the physical characteristics and crime law of the man. Through calculation, the most likely time for the man to commit the crime is calculated. Then the patrol brigade of the new city branch begins to set up control along the way. The police set up a total of five points, three cars, two motorcycles, five groups and ten people to squat in a row. Finally, the suspect was found by the police when he passed the greenland construction site.

Subsequently, the police slowly close to the target, suddenly arrest, for what they have done, the man confessed.

Li said the suspect, at that time to see cycling women wearing beautiful clothes, so touched their chest.

After interrogation, the man explained the reason why he did the crime. Because the relationship between husband and wife is not very harmonious, the couple at home don't talk very much, and they usually look at some unhealthy things. When summer comes and women wear less, he has the motive to commit the crime.

At present, the man confessed that he had attacked the chest of five women. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

According to the crime of forced indecency against women, the police detained the man.

What should girls do when they encounter salty pig in summer

Tip 1: shout out when encountering salty pig hand

Rush hour, bus congestion, women are easy to encounter salty pig hand, encountered how to do?

"Manual" reminds, female passengers in the crowd once feel chest or buttocks have "feel", must dare to resolutely seize the salty pig hand and shout out. If we adopt a tolerant or evasive attitude, we can only encourage them more.

Tips: you can pretend to step on each other's shoes inadvertently, or consider using the brake inertia to knock them away for a certain distance. When encountering unreasonable entanglement, immediately warn the other party, and never bear the breath. If the other side doesn't listen, shout for help to the surrounding passengers, ask for help, or get off at the next stop.

Tip 2. Don't take two seats in short skirts

Like to wear short skirts of women, one is worried about the light, two to worry about being photographed under the skirt spring. How to prevent it? (this article is compiled by, reprinted and noted the source. The original link:

The manual reminds that if the space allows, female passengers should try to find a corner to stand after getting on the bus, or stand at a certain distance from the front and rear passengers, and occasionally scan left and right to guard against bad attempts.

Tips: women in short skirts have two seats which are better not to take. First, there are two rows of opposite seats in the front of the car. Because the seats are relatively high, there is a high probability of light passing under the skirt when sitting there; the other is the first row of seats on the back door steps. A large part of the front of the car does not have a baffle, and the probability of light passing under the skirt is higher. If people with bad intentions take photos with their mobile phones, it may cause trouble.

Tip 3. Wear sling to install it near the back door

Girls who like to wear suspenders must be careful when they are crowded in the car.

The manual reminds that since the rear part of the vehicle generally has steps, the passengers standing on the steps will stay at a high level, so it is better to keep a certain distance from the front and rear passengers.

Tips: do not stand near the back door of a female passenger wearing a low chest and suspender to avoid 'color eyes'. In addition, in the process of driving, if the female passengers encounter the driver shouting 'please go back', 'please pull the handrail' or deliberately step on the brake, do not misunderstand that the driver is looking for something, which may be the driver's whisper to remind you to pay attention to guard against the sex wolves around you.

How to deal with salty pig hand?

On the bus or subway, the most common experience for female passengers is that of the salamander, so it is necessary for us to focus on how to prevent the salamander:

First of all, when taking a bus, grasp the guardrail (handrail) by hand to form a distance of about one elbow between the front and the chest, which is a certain distance away from the front and rear passengers. It's better to lean against the guardrail beside the door that can't be opened as far as possible, so there are two sides safe. If the threat comes from the front and the other side, consider holding your elbows with both hands. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Secondly, if you use the hanging handle, you may encounter another kind of salty pig hand, that is, his hand is placed on your hand. At this time, you can consider using the inertia of the vehicle parking brake to lean hard in his direction and knock him away for a certain distance.

Third, when driving, buy a newspaper and magazine to read to reduce the chance of being noticed. If you are unreasonably peeped by others for a long time, you can choose to cover up the peeped place in a decorative way and look back at him contemptuously.