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April Fool's day, 2018

April Fool's day can be a joke. If you send a joke to a friend, it will increase your contact. I've compiled some trickery jokes. Let's have a look.

April Fool's day, 2018

1. You are both lovely in beauty! Smart and more personality! Kind and brave! There are many advantages! Are you happy? This message was sent to me by others, and I will lend it to you on April Fool's Day!

2. In that encounter, my eyes never left you. I was lucky to be your confidant. I miss you for the second time. I miss you with tears. I am floating with scattered memories and joyful heart. Speaking, today's April Fool's day.

3. In a rainy season, I know a rain man, it's you; in a quiet lake, I meet a fisherman, it's you; in every month, I only give a blessing to one person, fool, happy holiday.

4. I confess that I have three hearts for you: I want to love you, move you and care for you. Second, your words are my will, your wishes are my heart. I want to carry out it carefully with two minds to the end.

5. It is said that one day, tofu wandered in the street and met vinegar. When tofu joked, it said, "what a sour taste! It's going to provoke people's feelings again? Vinegar will mix tofu as soon as it gets angry!"!

6. Notice: leaders will inspect tomorrow morning. Please dress as required. Men: suit, tie, shorts, slippers; women: swimsuit, trousers, leather shoes! Happy April Fool's Day!

7. When you think, you are the thinker. When you walk, you are sunwalker. When you work, you are a scavenger. When you are in love, you are the third party. When you are foolish, you are deceived. Happy April Fool's Day!

8. Do you have your mandarin standard? Please read with me: wanwanwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwangwang!

9. You are cruel. You are cruel. People are thinner than cucumbers and have no three or two flesh. The skin is thicker than the wall and cannonballs can't penetrate. The heart is smaller than the eye of a needle and never suffers from losses. The feeling is thinner than paper. Whoever catches who gets into the hole will be killed. Happy April Fool's Day!

10. This is a poem by Li Bai. Please read aloud: the bedroom is green in spring, holding the plum and smelling the flowers. I only know the middle place, invite Wen to sleep in the bedroom, and the bedroom is green in spring. Happy April Fool's Day!

11. Emergency reminder: in recent days, there may be lightning phenomenon. Please put your mobile phone on your head and drag the charger cable behind you when you go out, for lightning protection. Remember!

12. Tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a fool. He was very stupid. He would only shake his head or answer 'no' when asked any questions. Have you heard of this story?

13. The lion's toothache is intolerable. When he opens his mouth, he finds his mouth full of cavities. Go out and catch the giraffe. The giraffe begged for mercy. The lion would not let it go even if he died. He said: who let the advertisement say that the goal of Gaolu toothpaste is to have no cavities.

14. Invigorate and open up today, leaving the rules aside. A gentleman can go to the beam, and a apricot can go out of the wall. The second one's heart is clear, and the third one enters the room. To fulfill all your dreams, my friend lied to you. Happy April Fool's Day!

15. Some people always try to hide from you and hate the taste of you, but I like to get close to you and even want to bite you in my mouth. They are surprised to ask me: what time is it? Do you still like stinky tofu?

16. I have made a wish for you in silence in front of the meteor; I have asked for your autograph in front of Bodhisattva; I have prayed for you in front of God. I can't think of today's really effective: you are finally stupid! Happy April Fool's Day!

17. How I want to open your heart, walk into your heart, cry with you, smile with you. But your heart door is always closed. God, what did I do wrong? Why tell me now: your heart door is pushed and pulled.

18. April Fool's Day is coming. If I play a trick on you, I cannot bear it. If I don't play a trick on you, I'm not stupid. Say goodbye to self - indulgence and self - indulgence. I decide to return to the circle of self - indulgence and self - indulgence.

19. Work is easy and not tired, income soars, lovers make an appointment to line up, energy is 100 times every day, happiness is like shadow, all troubles are invalid, why life is so beautiful? Don't waste daydreaming! Happy April Fool's Day!

20. Great wisdom is like foolishness, great foolishness is like wisdom, the fool is stupid, the fool is also stupid, the fool is happy, the fool is also happy! The reader is not a fool! The ordinary people who do not understand also, I wish you a happy April Fool's day.