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What is the influence of wheelbase on the car

When we go to the 4S store, the sales department will introduce the wheelbase of the car to us. What is the impact of the wheelbase on the car? What is the relationship between the wheelbase and the car?

What is the axial moment? It is the distance between two perpendicular lines passing through the midpoint of two adjacent wheels on the same side of the vehicle and perpendicular to the longitudinal symmetry plane of the vehicle. In short, it is the distance from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear axle.

When the length of the car is determined, the wheelbase is the most important factor that affects the ride space, because the majority of the passenger seats of the 2-car and 3-car passenger cars are arranged between the front and rear axles. Long wheelbase makes the longitudinal space of passengers increase, which will greatly increase the foot space that affects the ride comfort of vehicles. Although wheelbase is not the only factor determining the interior space, it is the fundamental factor.

The wheelbase has influence on the servicing mass, the total length of the vehicle, the minimum turning radius of the vehicle, the length of the transmission shaft and the longitudinal passing radius. When the wheelbase is short, the above indexes decrease. The wheelbase also affects the distribution of axle load and the angle between transmission shafts. Too short wheelbase will lead to insufficient carriage length or too long rear suspension, too large axle load transfer when the car is uphill, braked and accelerated, which means that the brake performance or handling stability of the car becomes worse, the longitudinal angle vibration of the car body increases, which is not good for the car ride, and the included angle of the universal joint transmission shaft increases.