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Why should I send red envelopes in the new year? What should I pay attention to when I send lucky mo

Why send red envelopes in the new year? It's time for children to receive red envelopes during the new year. The red envelopes given during the new year are also called lucky money, which are usually given by their elders. So do you know why you send red envelopes during the new year? What are the rules for issuing lucky money during the new year? Let's have a look with Xiaobian

Why send red envelopes in the new year

Traditionally, red envelopes are also called lucky money. They are money wrapped in red paper for children during the lunar new year. It is said that during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, most of the lucky money was given to children with red strings. After the Republic of China, it evolved into wrapping with red paper. Now it generally refers to the red paper bag with money; It is used for gift money during festivals. It also refers to bonuses and money to bribe others. In Cantonese speaking areas of China, red envelopes are known as "profit market" (commonly referred to as "profit, benefit and incentive"), which is a small gift made of money in a red envelope.

The significance of giving red envelopes in the new year

The red envelope of the Spring Festival is also called lucky money. Folk believe that the new year's money is distributed to children. When evil spirits or 'Nian' hurt children, children can bribe them with the money to turn evil into good. In addition, there is a kind of real lucky money, which is given to the elderly by the younger generation. The 'year' is the year, number and lucky year, which is intended to look forward to the longevity of the elderly.

The origin of lucky money

It is said that in ancient times, when it was new year's Eve, wild animals took advantage of adults' sleep to take away and eat their children, so many places had the custom of not sleeping on New Year's Eve. However, once a mother put a copper coin in a red bag under the child's pillow, and found that the wild animals dared not approach the child, So from then on, every new year's Eve, adults will give new year's money to children or younger generations. The 'year old' is said to be the name of the beast.

The rules of giving red envelopes in the new year

1. Give red envelopes in front of your family

In this way, the child's face appears to have face. If it is a child of another family, you must give a red envelope in front of the child's parents, so that the parents can see it and the child will not spend the money secretly.

2. The amount should be moderate. Don't compare

Give children new year's money. Just feel it. Don't compare. Give children a large amount of lucky money. For children, they don't have a strong concept of financial management.

3. Be creative when giving red envelopes

Elders can hide the red envelope and let the child find it by himself, or press the red envelope next to the child's pillow on New Year's Eve, so that the child can see the red envelope as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning, implying a new beginning of the new year.

4. Words of blessing cannot be less

When giving children new year's money, you must say happy wishes. For example, I wish you grow taller and taller, more and more beautiful, study hard and make progress every day

5. Who will give the red envelope is very important

Under normal circumstances, the lucky money for the children of the woman's mother's family is given by the man. The new year's money for the children of the mother-in-law's family is given by the woman. Sometimes it's too serious and solemn for men to give lucky money. It's better for women to give it. It's more kind.