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How to choose a better way to travel, such as self-help, group following and driving

How to choose a better way to travel, such as self-help, group following and driving is it worth a trip and satisfied with yourself? In today's world of free travel, if we talk about group tours in the circle of friends, it seems to be a little low. Now the proportion of free riders is getting higher and higher, and the army of group tour is also vast. Of course, many car owners choose to drive themselves. There are many ways and choices. Let's talk about these three ways.

I. self service travel

Food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment are all handled by tourists themselves, and the operation is quite complicated, especially in the peak season of national day, when buying air tickets and tickets and solving accommodation problems in hot tourist areas, you may encounter troubles. But the difficulty is also a challenge. As long as we find the trick, the problem is easy to solve. The methods are as follows:

First, avoid the hot spots and choose some 'cold spots' with beautiful scenery.

Second, booking a room in advance, calculating the travel time, and entrusting a friend or travel agency to book a room in advance can avoid being at a loss temporarily.

Third, travel together in groups, with lovers or family members and colleagues. Two people can travel together. Four to five people are the best, and ten or more people can travel together. The advantage is that the journey is not lonely, there is care for each other, and the cost can be saved a lot. Remember, we must select a competent leader to solve the problems of food, housing and transportation. We must not do everything, or we will be in a mess.

Fourth, the semi self-help method is adopted, i.e. the round-trip tickets and air tickets are solved through the travel agency, and other problems such as eating, living and traveling are solved by the tourists themselves after arriving at the tourist site. Although there is a little trouble in self-help tourism, tourists are free to eat, live, travel and travel on their own. Especially in some places with charming scenery or rich culture, they can have enough time to experience and stay.

The disadvantages of self-help tourism are as follows:

First of all, the travel time is longer, which often results in waiting, taking the wrong bus and other situations due to not being familiar with the local situation, so it is not suitable for cross regional travel. Secondly, the cost will increase. There will always be extra budgetary expenditure, and there will be no greater discount for air tickets, hotel prices, etc. Thirdly, self-help travel is also hard and requires good physical conditions, especially to some undeveloped places. Bumps and twists on the road are inevitable.

2. Group tour

This method has been gradually accepted by most tourists, so every holiday is the busiest time for travel agencies. The biggest advantage of group travel is to save money and worry (especially the whole package tour). You can join the tour alone or with your family. There is almost no need to worry about eating and drinking Lassa during the tour. You just need to keep your spirit and have fun all the way. Group travel generally saves more than self-service travel in terms of cost, because it is a collective consumption in terms of air tickets, hotels, cars, meals, tickets, etc., and there are local reception agencies familiar with the situation, the cost can be almost minimized. In addition, the travel itinerary designed by the travel agency is generally scientific and reasonable, and the selection of scenic spots is based on the most representative part or the essence part, with appropriate increase or decrease of secondary scenic spots, which can basically meet the requirements of most tourists. The main task of tourists is to choose the best tour route.

III. self driving travel

This way is only the choice of a small number of people, to meet the requirements of some people, driving their own vehicles to travel, enjoy more at ease. Self driving travel can be divided into two forms: self provided car and car rental to travel agency. Generally, tourists go to travel agency for consultation first, ask about route, mileage, time arrangement and price, and then drive to travel by themselves. Self driving travel is not suitable for long-term, long-distance travel, because long-distance travel will make drivers too tired, increase unsafe factors, and easy to get lost. It's better to have a number of licensed friends for self driving travel, so as to facilitate alternate driving on the way, reduce the hidden dangers and increase the fun of the journey.

Other ways of travel include cycling, backpacking, camping, exploration, etc., depending on the situation.