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Where to visit Qingming Festival in 2018

Of course, Qingming small long holiday is to go out to play, but since it's a small long holiday, the popular scenic spots must be a sea of people. Is there any very good scenic spot recommendation for Qingming Festival? There are not many people? Of course, look at these scenic spots recommended by Xiaobian.

Where to play in 2018 Qingming Festival

1. Huanghuacheng water Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall is known to all the people on earth. Have you heard of the Huanghuacheng water Great Wall?

Located in Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District, Beijing, 65km away from the urban area of Beijing, self driving takes about 1.5 hours. The scenery here is quite different from Badaling Great Wall. The water great wall set off by Haoming lake adds infinite beauty and tenderness to the mighty Great Wall.

Admission: 45 yuan

Opening Hours

Peak season: 8:00-17:00

Off season: 8:30-16:30

Tel: 010-61652929

Best travel time: April to October

Transportation: friends from other places can choose to take bus 916 (Jingcheng Expressway) at Dongzhimen transportation hub to the terminal (Huairou station), and then get off 150 meters to the destination. Every 40 minutes, it's very convenient.

Accommodation: both sides of the main street of xishuiyu village where the great wall of water is located are farmyards, which are officially qualified. It's not bad to go in with more people. It is suggested to eat more rural and local specialties, such as magnolia, lemongrass, prickly ash sprouts and Chestnut mushrooms.

2. Cangyuan, Yunnan

Cangyuan is a Wa Autonomous County in Yunnan Province. It is surrounded by other ethnic minorities. The West and south of Cangyuan are directly bordered by Myanmar. Therefore, in such a border town, you can stay away from the noisy world to the greatest extent and plunge into the quiet nature. Here, you will see the Cangyuan cliff painting with a history of 3000 years. You will also have the opportunity to go into Wengding's original village, find the awas hiding in the mountains and waters, and meet the awas girl who is picking tea in the border tea garden.

Address: Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province

Transportation: take airport bus to Lincang City from Lincang airport; there are long-distance buses from Kunming to Lincang.

3. Longji terrace

Longji terraces generally refer to the terraces of Ping'an Zhuang people, but there are also the Jinkeng terraces of Yao people. In Longji, we can not only see the colorful terraces scattered like the ladder of heaven, but also have the opportunity to walk into the stockade, stay in the stilts, and feel the simple Yao Zhuang folk custom. In addition, the sunrise here is also very beautiful!

Address: Ping'an Village, Longji Town, Longsheng Autonomous County, Guilin autonomous region, Guangxi

Transportation: Xiangjiang hotel near Guilin railway station has a direct bus to Longji Dazhai, more than 3 hours by car.

4. Qizanggou

Qizanggou is located on the road from Songpan to Jiuzhaigou. Because it has not been developed at all, it still retains its original appearance. The clean air, the rippling sea, and the snowy mountains come to you. Are you going to explore its mystery before everything is disturbed.

Address: Chuanzhusi Town, Songpan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province

Tips: when traveling to qizang Valley, you must have some experience in outdoor travel. You can contact the local guide and horse team.

5. East pole Island

In recent years, the popularity of Dongji island has something to do with Han Han, who wrote the Dongji Island song specially for this reason, because the hot movie "no future meeting" took a view here. East pole island is far away from the mainland, surrounded by the East China Sea, where the blue sea and blue sky as well as the simple fisherman style are very charming.

Transportation: the boat leaves at half Shengdong wharf, Shenjiamen, Zhoushan at 8:30 a.m. every day. The return time is 11:00 p.m. normally, there is only one flight every day.