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How to select travel agencies for group tours

How to select travel agencies for group tours now the tourism industry is booming, bringing opportunities for regular travel agencies, but also giving opportunities to some bad enterprises and lawbreakers. As a consumer, how to choose a travel agency so as to ensure a safe and even valuable trip, then how to choose a good travel agency?

First, understand the basic laws and regulations of the tourism industry, and have basic knowledge about travel agencies

At present, there are two types of travel agencies: international travel agencies and domestic travel agencies. The former can handle inbound travel, outbound travel, border travel, domestic travel, handling inbound and outbound formalities on behalf of others. The latter can only handle domestic travel and domestic tourism related businesses. Therefore, when going out for tourism, first of all, it is necessary to find out the categories of the travel agency, and all of which can be consulted by the tourism quality supervision department.

Second, whether there is one license and two certificates

If you buy tickets at the gate (distribution point) set up by a travel agency, you should confirm whether it is affiliated with the travel agency and whether it has one license and two licenses, namely business license, business license and quality deposit payment certificate (generally copies). The quality deposit indicates that the travel agency has paid a certain amount of deposit to the Tourism Bureau. If there is a dispute between the traveler and the travel agency, and the travel agency refuses to deal with it, the Tourism Bureau may forcibly deduct money from the deposit to compensate the traveler. In addition, these gate points should be pasted with complaint telephone and consultation telephone prompts, and tourists can also confirm by telephone.

Third, sign a tourism service contract

Every regular travel agency should sign a travel service contract with tourists, which involves many details in the travel process, such as schedule, means of transportation and standards, accommodation, meals, etc. After the signature and seal of both parties come into effect, tourists can make a complaint according to this. If it is not available, it indicates that the operation of the travel agency is not standardized and the quality is difficult to be guaranteed.

Fourth, we need to jump out of the cycle of low price and low service quality

We can't simply measure the advantages and disadvantages of a travel agency by its price. Some travel agencies offer seemingly cheap, but low quality and low price often lead to more complaints and complaints. If we want to protect ourselves by legal means when considering the problems of tourism, tourists should carefully weigh the price choice before traveling, and check whether the quality and price are consistent after traveling.

How to distinguish the categories of travel agencies?

Travel agencies are divided into domestic travel agencies and international travel agencies according to their business scope. Domestic travel agencies can only operate domestic tourism business, that is to attract and receive domestic tourists, and arrange 'food, accommodation, transportation, tourism, shopping, entertainment' and other tourism activities for tourists in China. The amount of 'quality deposit' paid by domestic travel agencies to the tourism administration department is 100000 yuan. An international travel agency that franchises Chinese citizens to travel abroad at their own expense. Its business scope includes inbound tourism business, outbound tourism business and domestic tourism business. The amount of 'quality deposit' paid to the tourism administration department is 1.6 million yuan. Other international travel agencies may operate inbound and domestic tourism businesses, and the amount of 'quality deposit' paid to the tourism administration department is 600000 yuan.