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Why does Zhang Guorong get depression? Is it true that Zhang Guorong commits suicide in depression

Why does Zhang Guorong get depression? Is it true that Zhang Guorong commits suicide in depression this year is the 15th anniversary of Zhang Guorong's death. Every April 1st, a large number of fans will mourn his idol, Zhang Guorong. The cause of death of Zhang Guorong has been a controversial topic. The most credible statement is that Zhang Guorong suffered from depression and suicide. Why does Zhang Guorong suffer from depression? What is the root of Zhang Guorong's suicide? Let's have a look.

Although no one can explain Zhang Guorong's death, it is true that he suffered from depression in the last stage of his life. In the previous six months, he took on a horror film called "alien space". The movie, starring Lin Jiaxin and him, tells the story of a psychiatrist who is deeply troubled by the suicide of a first love female searcher, who also causes illness and eventually schizophrenia in the process of treating female patients. It's said that Zhang Guorong was too involved in the role and couldn't be separated after shooting, so he was in a trance all day long, even leading to long-term insomnia. In his last album before his death, there was a song called "have a dream at night", which really played the pain of insomnia that he couldn't stop.

After Zhang Guorong suffered from insomnia for a long time, he gradually accepted the idea of "running into evil" after taking ghost films. He then adopted a series of methods such as western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and even Fengshui to drive away the disease. It is said that his illness once turned around, and he also took over the film "stealing heart" as a director. But soon, the pressure of work knocked him down again, and he fell back into the irresistible depression.

Zhang Guorong is a very idealistic person. Chinese audiences are most familiar with Cheng Dieyi in farewell my concubine. So whether this strange and horrible "strange space" finally took Zhang Guorong's fragile life?

Change of heart, fatal excuse?

Zhang Guorong is bisexual, which has long been known inside and outside the circle. And the last thing he did before jumping off the Mandarin Hotel was to leave a letter, which described his extremely painful and contradictory emotional world. As for his death, the two gay boyfriends before his death, Tang Hede (also known as Tang Tang) and Kenneth, who can be his son in terms of age, are the most influential.

Zhang Guorong had known Tang and Tang Dynasties as early as 30 years ago. Their childhood friendship gave them a very deep emotional foundation. In 1986, the two officially announced the transition from friends to lovers. This was an absolutely unfathomable way of feeling in the society at that time, so their feelings were underground for a long time. In recent years, Zhang Guorong's appearance in public with Tang Tang Dynasty is no longer evasive. Zhang Guorong once publicly expressed his love to Tang Tang in his personal concert. He said: 'I think it's too sarcastic to speak & lsquo; I love you & rsquo; in Chinese, so I can only speak & lsquo; iloveyou & rsquo; in English. If I sing a love song to a person, I can sing it to him before I go to sleep and then to him after I wake up. '

As for Kenneth's life experience, it is even more mysterious. Some people say he is 26, others say he is 22. Some say that he is from Shanghai and studied in the United States. Others say that he is a native of Hong Kong. But as for his appearance, we all agree that he is gentle and elegant, with the shadow of Tang and Tang Dynasty when he was young, which may be the main reason why he attracted Zhang Guorong.

As for Kenneth, Zhang Guorong's explanation to his friends is the newly hired assistant. But after that, friends found that although Zhang Guorong and Tang Tang Tang still lived in their apartment in the Cadbury mountains, Kenneth would never appear as long as Tang Tang was there, whether for dinner or playing badminton. My friend further said that Kenneth was a new friend Zhang Guorong met in Beijing. Recently, as Zhang Guorong was busy preparing his own new play "heart stealing", he often shuttled between the mainland and Hong Kong, gathered with Tang and Tang Dynasties much less, and his feelings were in crisis. Kenneth was appearing when they separated the two places.

In any case, no matter Tang or Kenneth, as the historical witness of this unforgettable love triangle, they always have the right to speak about the real cause of Zhang Guorong's death, since they are trapped in the direct confession of their love.