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How to write the writing model of Qingming Festival in 2018

Qingming Festival is a traditional festival in our country. In addition to tomb sweeping and ancestor worship, there are also outings and other customs. How to choose a good perspective and content to write a good composition for Qingming Festival? The editor recommends the writing methods for Qingming Festival, which you can refer to.

How to write a composition for 2018 Qingming Festival

I. choice of perspective

In order to make the composition outstanding and refined, we first need to choose a good visual angle to show the festival of our hometown. There are so many happy things in the holiday that a limited number of words can't be included in it all. Moreover, even if we have a comprehensive account, it's just a daily account of the holiday. This requires us to open our eyes to observe and find out that we should select one thing or one side of the event that is the most characteristic of our hometown and can best reflect the characteristics of the festival, such as the Mid Autumn Festival moon watching, and use the perspective of students or other identities to observe all aspects of this event, so as to show the joy of the festival and the melody of the times.

II. Depicting festival customs

If the festival is special in the place where you live, you can introduce the local festival customs and customs to add flavor to your composition. Zhao Benshan's sketches are well-known, and they have nothing to do with the northeast dialect that he can't help hearing. In the same way, if we can show the local customs in our composition, we can also get unexpected results.

III. sharing the festival

The most important thing about the festival is the atmosphere and the feeling of the festival, as well as the feelings you feel. To express the atmosphere of the festival, it is necessary to pass the scenes and scenes of the festival. Of course, the scenes mentioned in this paragraph can be the scenes you have read about, or the festival atmosphere you have personally experienced. The background knowledge of the festival can be supplemented by the introduction of the origin, customs and legends of the festival.

In this paragraph, it is actually aimed at your actions during the festival. For example, do you go anywhere to play or participate in any celebration party. What have you done to participate in this activity. This paragraph can be written as one thing, or list several things in a recorded way. But it should be noted that one thing should be highlighted so as not to write like a running account.

4. Express emotions and feelings

After the narration, you can write your own pleasant mood by the way. If you can apply the expressions and psychology of people around you to the end of the lyric. Bai Juyi once said: 'no one who moves people's hearts should be in love first. 'we should make a vivid description full of emotion, permeate the emotion in the natural environment, and permeate the emotion in the characters' words and deeds. All the singing and praising should let it flow between the lines of the composition. In this section, you can express your feelings and love for the festival to your heart's content, but you need to pay attention to the harmony with the festival atmosphere. Attention, the article must have the thought sublimation, such composition only then has the depth. The above mentioned should extend to the spiritual culture contained in the festival.

Qingming Festival writing reference model 1: Tomb Sweeping

Winter has been driven away by the spring wind, unconsciously to Qingming -- a festival to mourn the ancestors and remember the martyrs. On the day before the Qingming Festival, we wore red scarf and lined up to visit the martyrs' cemetery. Along the way, the bright flags of the young pioneers fluttered in the wind.

When I arrived at the martyrs' cemetery, the first thing I saw was the magnificent monument of revolutionary martyrs, on which were written the words "revolutionary martyrs are immortal". In the solemn music, the oath ceremony began. We first observed three minutes of silence to express my deep and reverent feelings to the martyrs. Then, members of the school brigade and student representatives stood at the monument and swore: 'revolutionary martyrs shed their blood for us and fought for our happiness. When we grow up, we must repay them. 'after listening to this, I thought to myself: when I grow up, I will also be a person who is as useful to the country as the martyrs.

Then, we went to the revolutionary martyr's hall. Everyone gave the little white flowers made by himself to the martyrs. The white flowers are so pure and symbolize the noble spirit of the revolutionary martyrs. In the martyr's hall, I saw the relics of the martyrs, the clothes they wore on the battlefield, the letters they wrote & hellip; & hellip; looking at these, listening to the teacher's explanation, I seemed to go back to the era when the war raged. In front of the crisis, I saw the dead, strong and upright figure, saw their calm and calm smile, heard their victory for the revolution Li, is willing to give the heroic words of life. Yes! It is because of them that we have the continuity of life; it is because of them that we have the peace of life.

When the tomb sweeping activity is over, I feel very heavy and have a lot of thoughts. Looking up at the sky, it's dark and gloomy, and it's also telling the sadness of the heart. Looking back at the martyrs' cemetery, it looks very solemn under the cover of pines and cypresses. In my heart, I said to the martyrs in silence: your blood will not flow in vain, we will certainly realize your last wish, let the patriotic movement continue forever & hellip; & hellip;

Qingming Festival writing reference model 2: Qingming again

In the night, when it rained, I read Song Ci at leisure and listened to Yan Shu, a poet of Northern Song Ci, chant: "when the swallow came, the spring club, the pear blossom fell behind Qingming". Turning over a few pages, I heard Yan Jidao, the seventh son of Yan Shu, sighing: "dancing smoke and sleeping rain lead to Qingming".

Suddenly, spring club has passed and Qingming has arrived.

Qingming is not only a solar term but also a festival. It is also called the March festival in ancient times. It has a history of more than 2000 years. 'when all things grow, they are clean and clear. So it is called Qingming. 'after the Qingming Festival, the rain increased, and everything turned from Yin to Yang. It was like spring and Jingming.

In the eyes of modern people, "Qingming" is more closely related to tomb sweeping. This is because the day before Qingming Festival is cold food festival. It is said that cold food originated from the event of Duke Wen of Jin's mourning and introduction. Later, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty was moved by this story, and in the 20th year of Kaiyuan, he ordered the world to "bury cold food" and was listed as one of the "five rites" at that time. There is only one day between cold food and Qingming. As for the picture, people simply decided to visit tomb in Qingming. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, tomb sweeping was more popular. After the founding of new China, people also chose to visit the martyrs' tombs on this day to remember the revolutionary ancestors.

'every year, there is a custom of elders everywhere. "There has always been a habit of sweeping tombs. Every time in the 'Qingming' period, the descendants of every family will bring food, fruit, paper money, firecrackers and other things to the cemetery of their ancestors. They will sacrifice their food to their ancestors' tombs, burn the paper money, fire their guns and pray, plant new soil for their tombs, plant some flowers or fold some green new branches and put them on the tombs. Then they kowtow and worship. Finally, they must eat them in front of the tombs It's food and wine that makes you home.

Every year when it rains in Qingming, it looks like tears flying all over the sky! I am also used to watching the rain and getting wet on Qingming Festival. If I meet a big eye in an exceptional year, I always feel that this festival is incomplete. Perhaps, only such feelings and scenery can give a little comfort to the lost soul!

The dead have gone, please cherish the people in front of you. In front of the tomb of the Qingming Dynasty, infinite sadness will be expressed, the tears of the worshipers will be strung into a wet memory, and the warm spring breeze will not wipe the touching eyes. The long journey of life will not stop, the continuation of the lineage is a series of bold ellipsis, the white hair of the elderly is the most prominent question mark of Qingming Festival, filial piety and support is the only right choice, is the best interpretation of Qingming by the Chinese people. Let the heart of filial piety day by day, adhere to treat their parents and old people well, in the warm spring of April, standing in the breeze of thousands of melancholy, so as not to face the dead tombstone, the empty and quiet lament and boundless self blame, carrying a group of heart cold in the wind whine.