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How long can't you enter the entrance examination hall when you are 1 point late?

How long can't you enter the entrance examination hall when you are 1 point late? just after the college entrance examination, many topics attracted attention. On the second day of the college entrance examination, a candidate was rejected because he was late for the online car appointment. He regretted that he could not take the exam. How long would he be late for the college entrance examination?

At 3:00 p.m. on June 8, Jiangsu college entrance examination of English began. According to the regulations, all candidates must enter at 2:45, 15 minutes in advance. At Qixia middle school in Qixia District, Nanjing, a candidate arrived at the examination hall at 2:46 and was barred from entering.

The child is sad and the city management team members are worried

Ji Yonglin, deputy chief of Qixia District urban management team, told reporters that Qixia middle school is the only test site in Qixia District. According to the deployment of urban management and protection test, the team set up a convenient service pavilion at the school gate. 'when the child was turned away, he cried at that time, as if he didn't dare to go home. He had been walking around the school, crying as he walked. At 3:5 p.m., I sat at the school gate and cried. "Ji Yonglin immediately came to comfort him, took him to the service pavilion of the city management, handed him water, talked with him, and tried to stabilize the children's mood. Feng Shuai, a member of Qixia District urban management team, was also at the scene. He told reporters: 'the child was very sad. He said that he was a student of re education. When he went to the examination hall, he called for a car with & lsquo; didi & rsquo;. However, the driver said that he forgot to go home to pick up the things. He didn't say anything at that time. He didn't expect to be late. '

Worried that the children would not want to drive, Ji Yonglin and Feng Shuai let the children take the law enforcement car of city management to go home first. When going to the parking place, the two city managers were afraid to stimulate the children, so they kept a few meters behind, followed them slowly, and comforted the children all the way in the car. Ji Yonglin told reporters that because he was one minute late, he couldn't take an exam. What's more, for a child who is going back to school, such a blow is too big. 'as we were comforting, we didn't expect to leave a contact information. We have asked the community to look for the family and parents to pay more attention to their children's emotions. '

Why are you late

Did the 'didi' driver go home to pick up something? At 8 o'clock last night, the reporter contacted the person in charge of 'didi travel'. "We found the driver and transferred the order receiving record and driving track. "The person in charge said that at that time, the child was driving a 'carpool', and got on at 2:29. In the car, the child says that he is a candidate. Can he be sent to the examination room? The driver says that the system requires him to send another passenger who shares the car first, and asks him when to start the test. The child says it's 3 o'clock. The driver says that I will take you to the school gate at 2:45. But when the child got out of the car and walked to the examination hall, he was one minute late.