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[latest] how to gently persuade wine on the table

How to persuade wine gently on the table China has always been a human society, and the wine table is also an important way to maintain the human society. Learning to persuade you to drink on the wine table can help you better maintain the relationship between each other. Toasting is a knowledge, so how to toast on the wine table? Let's have a look.

Women advise men

Attack: excited heart, trembling hand, pour you a glass of wine, do not drink disrelish me ugly.

Shou: I can't sleep in spring without knowing the dawn. I hear birds singing everywhere. I raise my glass and ask the beauty how much I should drink?

Persuading middle-aged people to drink

Attack: a big river is wide in waves. Let's take this cup and do it.

Shou: all rivers and mountains are always in love. Can you drink less?

Treat the guests to dinner and the host persuades them to drink

Attack: the guest drinks must be drunk, otherwise the host is ashamed.

Shou: to make the guests drink well, we should drink first.

A man who persuades his wife to be strict with discipline

Attack: strong courage, not wife.

Shou: when I came, my wife told me to drink less and eat more vegetables.

Advise to drink white wine

Attack: don't drink white, don't come emotionally.

Shou: as long as you have feelings, you can drink anything. As long as you have it in your heart, tea can be used as wine

Persuading each other to drink

Attack: lift your ass and drink again. Standing on two legs, drinking doesn't count.

Guard: the buttocks move, show respect.

Persuading businessmen to drink

The commodity economy is in great circulation, opening up and invigorating.

The sunrise is more prosperous than the sunrise. I wish you more prosperous business.

If the boss wants to succeed in business, he will have a good drink soon. In the market economy, we should have a drink of good wine.

The best defence is offence

I can't stop doing my homework in advance.

Tea instead of wine will last forever.

A dragonfly skims the water and never gets drunk.

Let's have a cup of tea, and we'll have it next year.

Don't force me to drink, but keep my love and righteousness in my heart!

Old wine, though not, is forever!

Old wine doesn't touch your mouth. It's healthy every year!

As long as the feelings have, drink anything is wine.

As long as the heart has, tea also when wine.

Those who eat incense or drink spicy wine are not allowed to drink.

Homage toast:

Road sees injustice a roar, you don't drink who drinks?

Weeding day in the middle of the afternoon, sweat dripping under the soil, even dry three glasses of wine, do you say bitter?

Follow the feeling, this time I drink. ---Well, there's no way. Drink it

Make new friends, never forget old ones. ---Have a drink with old and new friends

Among the colorful clouds of the White Emperor, there are eight and half of them. ---Good drink, have a drink

All rivers and mountains are always in love. This cup is not good without drinking.

It's better to doze off if you don't drink; besides, it's wine, not dichlorvos.

To persuade the king to bend his head, he must not resign when he is full of drink. Flower hair more wind and rain, life enough to leave.

One, two, two, two, three, four, two, two, two, two, two, two, six, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two.

Wine and meat pass through the intestines, leaving in the heart of friends!

Thick feelings, not enough to drink; weak feelings, not to drink; emotional iron, drink bleeding.