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What should be paid attention to when playing water park March 25, according to the Central News Agency, a 10-year-old boy died two years ago when he was riding on the waterways of the world's highest water park in Kansas, USA. According to the police investigation, before the boy's accident, at least 13 tourists were injured in the water slide. According to the newly released court records, the grand jury pointed out in the indictment that the waterway named "Verruckt" in the Waterpark of schlitban, with a vertical height of 51 meters, is known as the highest in the world, but it is a "deadly weapon".

According to the complaint, investigators examined the video data and found that kailiber did abide by the safety regulations of the park when he took the rubber raft, but later suffered misfortune. Two other women on a rubber raft with kelliber had a broken jaw and a fractured face. Since Kelly's death, the 'crazy' water slide has been permanently closed. Schlittleban water park has announced that it will demolish the slide completely when the case is over.

Notes on playing water park

1. Choose a formal water park. In addition to the business license for Industry and commerce, the water park must also have the license issued by the health department. As for the review items, including complete toilets and changing rooms, disinfection and drinking self inspection equipment shall be provided. In addition, the daily water quality monitoring results shall be released in time.

2. Abide by the rules of play. The rules for playing in each facility are different. Before playing, you should carefully read the safety tips, make clear the depth of water, and choose according to the age and height of the child. If the child's conditions are not met, you should follow the advice of the staff and not insist on playing. When you play, you should follow the correct posture and do not play at will. For example, when playing slide, always keep the posture of head up and foot down.

3. Put on the swimsuit. If the child can't swim or can't swim skillfully, even if the water is very shallow, put on a life jacket or a swimming ring for him.

4. Pay attention to sun protection. From 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. in summer, it is the strongest time of ultraviolet. If you take your child to the water park during this period, you can choose to apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of more than 30. In particular, don't forget to apply it carefully to your feet, ears and nose, which are the most vulnerable areas to sunburn.