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What about the computer card? What about the computer card

In life or work, computers are always used. Many Xiaobai often encounter the situation of slow response of computers, but they can't find the reasons, let alone any good handling methods. Xiaobian here summarizes the reasons of common computer cards and the handling methods of slow response of computers, hoping to help you.

Why computers are getting stuck

Reason 1: viruses in computers cause computers to become more and more stuck. There is an attack that can paralyze the network, that is, thousands of repeated visits! Viruses are like this. A large number of virus programs run in computers. There is a problem that can make computers stagnate, which is equivalent to a large number of programs queuing up in memory to block 'traffic', just like the previous traffic accident did not come and deal with it, behind All of a sudden, a long queue of cars, a short time are difficult to dredge the same!

Reason 2: there are a lot of junk files in the computer

Some netizens think that the computer system card is destroyed by trojan virus, but the problem of computer card after scanning the system still hasn't been solved. In fact, the reason of computer card is not only the Trojan virus, but also the netizens need to clean up the computer C disk and optimize the whole system. This is the so-called computer system garbage, which can effectively improve the system stability by regularly cleaning up the system garbage.

Many friends are lazy. After one or two years of using the computer, they don't clean up the garbage and some browsers cache the files. As a result, there are more and more garbage files on the disk of the computer system. The time for the system to access the system is longer and the running speed is naturally slower and slower. I remember that a computer colleague of the company has used it for several years. Recently, I found that the computer was really unbearable. The computer started slowly. The mouse couldn't be turned on without entering the system for 10 minutes. The author checked that the computer was really slow. After the computer was turned on, the system started. The mouse didn't work. It had to wait for a while to be useful, and it was very full. I found that the computer desktop was very messy, and what kind of entertainment was soft There are all kinds of music, such as QQ music, KuWo music box and PPS Movie software.

Originally, the computer is relatively old, Cy Young dual core, 512 memory computer. There is not much space left in the system disk. 360 security guard has been downloaded, and the garbage files and plug-ins cleaned up are more than 8g. Meanwhile, relevant entertainment software has been cleaned up. After that, the startup speed is much faster, and the software can be opened quickly after the startup. From this case, we can also tell you that a large number of system garbage files and invalid registry will also seriously affect the performance of the computer.

Reason 3: the utilization rate of computer memory or CPU is too high. At the beginning of computer startup, I felt that it was pretty good. After a few hours, I felt that the computer was getting more and more stuck. In addition to viruses, this situation is generally due to the high utilization rate of computer memory or CPU. The reason for this is that there may be too many applications open in the computer. You can close some programs that are not used temporarily to free memory or processor space.

Reason 4: computer hardware failure, computer more and more card if the software is OK, the problem is still after reinstalling the system, it is likely that the hard disk has a bad path, or the hard disk is about to be damaged.

Reason 5: the computer configuration is too low. If it is not caused by the above reasons, it is likely that the computer configuration is too low.

The hardware failure of the computer is generally the failure of the hard disk. The author's computer has been in this situation before. The computer is getting more and more stuck. Sometimes, the network cable is disconnected and the system is reinstalled. The problem is still the same. When playing music locally, there are often occasional discontinuities. After inspection, it is found that there are many bad ways in the hard disk of the computer. After the replacement, the problem was solved, and the computer speed was significantly improved.

Solution of computer card

Method 1: if the virus in the computer causes the computer card, we can scan the disk with the anti-virus software on the computer to find the virus and clean it. It is recommended to upgrade the virus database to the latest version. Clean up the virus and do the following.

Method 2: if there is a lot of garbage in the computer, and the entertainment software starts automatically when the computer is turned on, the system performance will be greatly affected. Solution: use 360 security guard or QQ housekeeper to clean up the computer system, and use the power on acceleration optimization of the software. Forbid the automatic start-up of some entertainment software (such as QQ music, QQLive, PPS Network TV, etc.) to improve the computer power on speed and system speed. After that, it is recommended to clean up the garbage registry and some garbage plug-ins of the system.

Method 3: in order to maintain the stability of computer performance as much as possible, it is recommended to clean up the garbage and plug-ins once a week or so.

Method 4: if the memory or CPU utilization rate is too high, please confirm whether there are too many programs open, close some programs not used temporarily, restart the computer or log off is the most effective solution. If you are running large software, resulting in high memory and CPU utilization, you can only try to shut down other software, or upgrade the computer configuration.

Method 5: if it is a computer hardware failure, most of which is a hard disk failure, please use the hard disk detection software to check whether the hard disk has bad path and other problems, and whether it can be repaired by software. If not, it is recommended to replace the hard disk. General problems can be solved.

Method 6: if it is the computer configuration problem of the computer itself, then we can only upgrade the computer configuration to solve it.

In short, there are many reasons that affect the computer card. The only solution is to focus on software and hardware. The key is to start to find out the reason why the computer is getting more and more stuck, and then solve the problem of the computer card generally.