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When is Huawei P20 listed? Summary of Huawei P20 appearance configuration information

Sihai network: Huawei will officially launch its flagship P2O on the evening of the 27th. Huawei P20 will continue to carry cameras developed jointly with Leica and adopt the current Liu Haiping design similar to the iPhone X. when will Huawei P20 go on the market? Let's take a look at the latest news of Huawei P20.

Huawei P20 time to market

The invitation letter for Huawei's new product launch shows that Huawei will hold a launch in Paris on March 27 local time. Based on the latest rumors of Huawei's new products, it is likely to launch three P20 series mobile phones this time. Among them are P20, P20 lite and P20 plus. P20 Lite has recently obtained FCC certification. It will be equipped with a 6-inch screen and a vertical double camera on the back of the phone. As for when Huawei P20 will go on sale, it will be officially announced at the press conference.

Huawei P20 configuration and price list

It's said that Huawei P20 will use a special-shaped full screen similar to the iPhone X. there will be small bangs on the top of the screen, but they will be much smaller. Huawei P20 may be equipped with Kirin 970 processor, 6 / 8GB memory, support ai artificial intelligence, and provide face recognition function. The price will be about 4000 yuan.

In March, the mobile phone industry was extremely popular, and many new phones appeared one after another, but the most concerned is Huawei's new flagship P20 series. Huawei P20 will be officially released in Paris, France, on 27th of this month.

Now @ eveleaks tweeted a set of so-called P20 series make-up photos, including P20, P20 pro and P20 Lite. The three mobile phones are basically the same in terms of appearance design, for example, they all provide the design of bangs shaped screen + circular earpiece, but the bottom has a certain chin, while P20 and P20 Pro provide the front home key, which should support fingerprint identification, while P20 L ITe is a post fingerprint.

In addition, the P20 Pro is followed by a three Leica camera. The aperture range is f1.6-f2.4, while P20 is still f1.6. It was previously reported that P20 Pro also supports face recognition, which is also hardware based 3D recognition. The recognition accuracy is higher than that of iPhone X.

In terms of configuration, P20 is a 6.01-inch screen with a built-in 3320mah capacity battery, while P20 is a 4000mAh capacity battery. At the same time, an 18 megapixel lens will be added to the rear camera, which is not available in the other two versions. In addition, P20 Pro will also be equipped with Kirin 970 processor, while P20 Lite will be equipped with Kirin 659 processor.

What do you think is the price of P20 series? Let's leave the lite version aside, the lowest price for other national banks is 3599 yuan. Roland Quandt, a well-known informant, said that Huawei's P20 starting price in Europe is 679 euros (about 5301 yuan), P20 Pro is 899 euros (about 7019 yuan), and P20 Lite is only 369 euros (about 2881 yuan).