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What's the matter with this cable or accessory that iPhone has not been certified

Sometimes when the data cable is plugged in for charging, the apple mobile phone will show a prompt that the cable or accessories have not been certified. What's the matter? How to solve it? Let's see with Xiaobian.

If Apple iPhone is not using the original data cable, it is easy to get a system prompt: 'this cable or accessories has not been certified, so it may not work reliably with this iPhone'. Because of the Apple phone's own detection, you can't charge or exchange data in this case. And many friends who use the original data line will also encounter this situation. Here is a brief introduction of the solutions to this kind of problems.

Why does this happen? On the one hand, IOS system has the function of detecting whether the data line is original. On the other hand, the data line interface is dirty, or it has some quality problems, or the line is damaged.

If the original cable, you can try to clean the plug and power socket of the data cable first;

If the above method is not effective, you can turn off the mobile phone first, and then charge it, so that the detection program can not prevent charging when it is in the off state, of course, it is possible to restart it;

If neither of the above two methods works, there must be a problem with the data line. It's unnecessary to mention the fake data line. The original data line can be tested after the apple after-sales shop explains the situation to see if it can be replaced free of charge. If you don't use the original data line, or if the apple after-sales service doesn't, you have to pay for another one.