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[latest] how much is 2018 bitcoin? Latest news of 2018 bitcoin

How much is 2018 bitcoin? The latest news of 2018 bitcoin the word bitcoin has been popular all over the world because of the "bitcoin virus" event last year. This little-known virtual currency has been pushed to the forefront of the wave. We all know that bitcoin is worth a lot. How much is a bitcoin in 2018? Let's see the price trend chart of bitcoin in 2018.

How much is a bitcoin in 2018

Bitcoin's latest price has broken through $19000, and the market momentum is very rapid. Once upon a time, some people predicted that bitcoin would collapse soon, and the price would fall a few yuan. But bitcoin is getting better and better, surging 50% in 24 hours, with the latest price of $19000.

Bitcoin 2018 update

Wired magazine predicts that competition among digital currency wallet service providers will escalate in 2018. But if the bitcoin world can't solve the problem of security, it will damage the development prospects of the whole industry.

In addition, in the bitcoin world, nearly 40% of the amount of bitcoin is controlled by about 1000 people. These people who hold a lot of bitcoin are called "beluga". Their actions will undoubtedly have a greater impact on the market of bitcoin.

For those who hold a wait-and-see attitude towards bitcoin, Rogers' practice of Wall Street financial giant may be a reference. In an interview with China New Zealand Jingwei recently, Rogers said, "I have never purchased digital currency or participated in relevant investment. To be sure, there are too many bubbles in this field. In the future, most digital currency startups will be eliminated and hard to survive. '

Bitcoin is still in the dark. When the tide recedes, we know who is swimming naked.