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What's the matter with another 6 million iPhone x production? Will iPhone x reduce its price?

What's the matter with another 6 million iPhone x production? Will iPhone x reduce its price? on the morning of March 26, Beijing time, analysts from bluefin research partners, a market consulting company, pointed out in the report that Apple once again lowered the production of iPhone x, and in the first half of 2018, the production of iPhone x decreased by 6 million units. Last month, there was news that Apple had cut its output, and now it has cut it again. Blue fin said in the report: 'we found in a recent review that Apple lowered its production target again over the weekend, mainly from the iPhone X. Apple's iPhone x production target has been reduced by 6 million units. Once Apple set a grand production target for this OLED device, so far, it has reduced by more than 75 million units. '

There are two main reasons why the sales of iPhone x is sluggish and the media analysis is consistent. The first is that the price is too high. Apple's $999 pricing has set a company's historical record, while in the Asia Pacific region, the actual price of the iPhone x is close to $1300, which is beyond the purchasing power of many people; another reason is the poor user experience. The banged screen design causes serious visual interference to users, especially in the process of viewing pictures and videos.

It's speculated that Apple's upcoming three new iPhones will still be attractive enough to help apple through the stagnation period. In the long run, it is more and more difficult to upgrade existing iPhone users on a large scale. Accordingly, it is more and more difficult to gain a larger share in the high-end smartphone market. In the short term, because iPhone has such a large share in the whole apple business, now the business is no longer growing, and it is very difficult to make up for it by other growth businesses, even if these businesses are combined. In the long run, if the product category that has been growing at a high speed continues the previous trend, and if Apple successfully launches new products and services, even if the business that drives Apple forward today continues to stagnate, Apple's revenue and profit can also grow well in the future.