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How to play with the shaker? How to play with the shaker

How to play with the shaker? How to play with the shaker buffeting app video fire, many users can see some fresh and interesting videos on it, and they can also take videos and send them to the Internet by themselves. In addition, buffeting has many interesting small functions, such as the swing machine. How to play the buffeting and swing machine? Let's have a look at the playing skills of the shaker with Xiaobian.

How to play the dance machine

1. At present, you can find the entry in the latest version of buffeting. You only need to click the + sign as shown in the figure below to enter the music selection interface;

2. In the music interface, you can see the entrance of the swing machine, and then click enter;

3. 8 different kinds of background music are brought to you in the interface of the dance machine. You can choose any one of them and click start to enter the main interface of the dance machine;

4. In the main page of Zhengwu, you only need to do the specified actions to the mobile phone, and there are different action sound effects here, which is very interesting.

5. At the end of the game, the end user can also know their specific scores and rankings. At the same time, your dancing process can help you record and save one click, so that you can publish fun short videos online at any time.

The feeling of dancing is like playing a real dance machine. With the concert, different action graphics appear on the screen. Users need to put out corresponding actions in time to score. With the progress of the action, the system will send out perfect, good and combo sound effects. At the end of the game, scores and rankings will be generated. At the same time, the user's whole play will be photographed, and then it can be released to the buffeting.

The above is what Xiaobian shared with you about the use of the shaker. With this function, we no longer need to envy the little brother and sister who are playing the dance machine outside. We can dance at home to the mobile phone. What are you waiting for? Come and have a try!