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How to get rid of tattoos

How to get rid of tattoos Tattoo washing is to remove the original tattoo on the body through certain technical means. With the rapid development of science and technology, there are many methods for tattoo washing, such as traditional Chinese medicine tattoo washing, laser tattoo washing and so on. Now the commonly used method is laser tattoo washing. Can the tattoo be washed out completely? What are the precautions for tattoo washing?

How to get rid of tattoos

1. High frequency electronic watch needle

The principle is to use the electric current to generate high-voltage electric sparks to burn the skin, dehydrate and carbonize it, let the skin cells die, scab and fall off, take away the color (the same as the principle of sweeping flights), wash the light layer color (no more than 0.2?) without scars, because the epidermis has the function of lateral growth, but the deep layer color is difficult to wash off, and the burned deep layer skin will leave a layer called "semi carbonized hard layer" Tissue '(just like the yellow mark left by burning a corner of paper), it affects the growth of deep tissue, so deep washing will leave scars.

2. Wash tattoos with traditional Chinese Medicine

Many people mistakenly believe that traditional Chinese medicine is non corrosive, non combustible, safe and reliable. For example: 'de nevus ointment' is made of traditional Chinese medicine, but its principle is chemical cauterization. If it is used in a small amount of local pathological cells, the pathological tissue can be burned and carbonized to achieve the purpose of nevus removal. The effect is very good, because the dosage is not large, the damage to the surrounding good tissue is not large, even if there is a little damage, the good tissue is easy to repair quickly. However, if it is widely used on normal skin, excessive cauterization will produce sunken scars. If the skin is disturbed and damaged by long-term and slow cauterization, it will produce hyperplastic scars due to continuous over repair.

3. Agent a + agent B

This method has been used for a long time in the beauty industry. It uses diluted sulfuric acid to corrode the skin. There is no problem in using it in the epidermis, but it will leave scars in the dermis. The principle is chemical cauterization.

4. Depigmentation by freezing

When liquid nitrogen evaporates from 'liquid' to 'gas' at - 169 ℃, it will take part of the moisture away from the skin, causing the skin to die and renew. Its disadvantage is that liquid nitrogen ejects gas, the area is difficult to control, after freezing, it is easy to get blisters, infection and scar.

5. Heat transfer method of Shenzhen needle

Select metal needles of different sizes and shapes, heat them with fire, and then put them on the skin. Use the residual heat of metal to burn the skin, so that it peels off and takes away the color. Its disadvantage is that the heat, time and depth are difficult to control. Overheating will cause burns, scars on the dermis, blisters and infections.

5. Laser tattoo washing

It is generally believed that laser cleaning tattoos is fast and good, and people who have used them will know that there are many things that laser can't do, such as the green of tattoos, non chemical color materials and other complex dye materials, which can't be washed off by laser, and the colors that can't be washed off after three times of laser cleaning are also difficult to wash off, because the working principle of laser is to convert light energy into heat energy, because of chemical synthesis Black and red dyes can absorb more energy of corresponding wavelength, so they are easier to be washed out, and other colors are more difficult to absorb energy, so they cannot be washed out. The energy of the laser is not enough to affect the non compound pigment, so the pigment containing metal atoms cannot be washed out. Laser also can't cure 'Wenci pigment poisoning allergy rejection syndrome', because the potential energy of laser will play a catalytic role on the toxic pigment, making the toxic pigment infiltrate deeper and more difficult to remove.

Precautions for tattoo washing

1. Do not eat spicy, pigmented and irritant food for one to two weeks after each tattoo washing. Do not touch water for the first three days.

2. Keep the skin dry after each tattoo washing. Do not apply any medicine to avoid skin inflammation. Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene. If there is any blister, it is a normal reaction and cannot be scratched.

3. The second tattoo washing can only be carried out 75-90 days after the first tattoo washing (the interval depends on the skin tissue condition of each person), and the third tattoo washing can be carried out 90-120 days (and so on).

IV. tattoo washing customers should pay attention to their own maintenance, and skin scab and pruritus can not be scratched during the process.

5. If the skin blisters cannot be punctured at will after tattoo washing, they should be allowed to subside by themselves.

6. If you have any questions, please consult the professionals and do not deal with them by yourself.