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How to make a video of dithering photos

How to make a video of dithering photos tremolo is more popular than people think. Now everyone can post their own videos and share their favorite videos. I'm sure that those who often play buffeting have been swiped by the videos of various photo switching recently, which looks cool. How to make the video of buffeting photo switching? Let's have a look.

Now you only need an Apple phone to make it, and you don't need any app software to make it.

First of all, Pingguo mobile phone is upgraded to the latest system. In Apple mobile phone -- settings -- control center -- customized control, screen recording is added.

Then the photos for video production are ready in the mobile photo album. The photos are connected and the order is adjusted.

Because we need to switch the recording screen.

Then open the phone control center, select the recording screen, and there will be a countdown of 3 seconds.

We switch to the photos, and then use the mobile phone to switch to enjoy the photos, and then we can record them.

After recording, prompt to save to album.

Upload video to tremolo to add music. Isn't it cool and simple?

You can try and see the effect.