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How to distinguish the foreign trade final list or foreign garbage when Xiamen intercepts 500 tons o many girls like to do overseas shopping. They have no power to fight against the beautiful and cheap foreign trade tail orders. They buy them all, so some people find business opportunities and make dirty and illegal transactions under the banner of foreign trade tail orders.

Recently, Xiamen Customs seized a huge smuggling case of foreign garbage. These old clothes come from South Korea. Most of them come from the second-hand market. If they enter the country, they will be processed and flow out under the banner of the foreign trade tail list. It's very frightening to think about it! Then the foreign trade tail list must be garbage? In fact, it's not. Here's how to identify the foreign trade tail list and foreign garbage!

Xiamen Customs announced on June 7 that it had seized a case of smuggling and smuggling 'foreign garbage' by sea, seized 3596 packages of used clothing from South Korea, totaling 500 tons, and even some underwear with blood stains. "Most of these used clothes come from foreign second-hand markets, mortuaries, etc. without any sterilization procedures, they often carry a large number of infectious bacteria, which belongs to the" foreign garbage "banned by the state;. "Xiamen Customs is subordinate to Zhangzhou customs anti smuggling branch, said Zhang Ruiyu, deputy chief of information section.

According to the staff of Xiamen Customs, in mid April this year, the anti smuggling Bureau of Xiamen Customs got a clue that there will be smugglers organizing a batch of old clothes from abroad in the near future, which will be smuggled into the country by sea and then transported to other areas for cleaning and sales. After learning the news, Xiamen Customs immediately carried out intelligence research and judgment, and made efforts to strengthen the inspection of the sea areas in the customs area.

At 22:00 on May 26, the customs anti smuggling police found that a cargo ship named "Yifa" deliberately shut down the AIS (automatic identification system of ships), which was extremely suspicious. 'please stop the ship immediately and accept the customs inspection!' after the suspect ship was ordered to stop, the customs anti smuggling police risked their lives and boarded the suspect ship quickly. Sure enough, the ship was filled with bundles of plastic bags of different colors, which gave off a serious smell. With the further opening, a large number of leather clothes, sweaters, jeans with foreign labels came into view. Many clothes had obvious wearing traces and stains, and some underwear even had blood stains. During the counting process, the investigators also found a large number of children's clothes. According to captain Zhuang, these old clothes were shipped from the port of Busan, South Korea, ready to be smuggled into the country from the sea.

After simple sorting and rinsing, this kind of clothes may flow into night market, local stall, online shop and other channels for sales, seriously affecting the public's personal health.

How to distinguish the final bill of foreign trade or foreign garbage

First look at the logo of the clothes

Washing mark: the washing mark of the general foreign trade order is marked with foreign words, the European and American single is English, and the Japanese and Korean single are respectively Japanese and Korean. If the Chinese characters are used in washing, this garment is made in China, not in foreign trade. However, the domestic single is generally complete with three standards. The introduction of washing standards of large manufacturers is comprehensive, while that of small factories is simple

Lead label: lead label is actually the brand of clothes. Generally, the manufacturer will remove the lead label or cut the lead label after the big brand is transferred to domestic sales for property rights, which means there is no brand significance in selling such products.

Hang tag: most of the tail orders have no hang tag, which means the same as the above logo

Only a few of the original orders have hangtags and are complete in three standards. The price of the original order is much higher than that of the last one

Many of the foreign trade tail orders disguised by foreign garbage are operated well in the later stage, with logo, water washing logo and tag. This can be seen when looking at the logo. The logo added later must be different from that of the original factory

Discern with eyes, look at fabrics: Although the price of the foreign trade tail list is cheap, it's all brand-new clothes. Brand new fabrics are definitely different from the clothes worn by foreign garbage. As long as you look carefully, you can see the difference

Distinguish and smell by nose

Whether there is packaging or not, the foreign trade tail list has certain smell, which is produced by some chemicals in the production of new cloth.

Foreign garbage is second-hand clothes. Black heart businesses will wash, disinfect and iron clothes later. The smell on them is more like the smell of detergent and disinfectant