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Ten taboos to avoid wearing beads

Ten taboos to avoid wearing beads Buddha beads come from ancient India's ornaments' wreaths, garlands and strips'. Later, they are gradually turned into Dharma tools to help practice by Buddha. Unlike ordinary jewelry, Buddha beads are different from ordinary jewelry. The wearer cannot treat Buddha beads with the attitude of ordinary jewelry. Buddha bead bracelet is a bracelet made of round Buddha beads made of natural materials. This bracelet has the effect of calming the nerves, calming the nerves, and enriching the wealth. It's very exquisite to wear the Buddha bead bracelet. You can't wear it at will. Basically, there is only one thing to pay attention to, that is, cleanness.

First: it's not convenient to go to the bathroom with rosary beads on your wrist. If you need to go, you can take the bracelet off and put it in your coat pocket. In summer, you can hang it on your neck.

Second: don't wear a bracelet or put it beside the bed when the husband and wife are sleeping together.

Third: do not wear rosary beads when smoking or touching onions, garlic, leeks or drinking, let alone spit cigarettes on the string.

Fourth: when the bracelet is not used or worn, it should be placed in the Buddha Hall or in front of the Buddha statue. People who have incense can use it every morning before they get up to use it.

Fifth: don't touch other people's beads at will.

Sixth: don't put rosary beads in your pants pocket or fart pocket.

Seventh: when the beads are hung on the neck or on the wall, the pagoda should be upward.

Eighth: please do not touch the bracelet with the hand touching the unclean things such as meat or fish, and wash your hands before touching the beads.

Ninth: during the counting, do not turn the beads over and count again after reading a string.

No. 10: don't swing or swing the rosary beads at will while holding the rosary. Count seriously above the waist.

Wearing Buddha beads can improve our taste, which is also the unique humanistic connotation of Buddha beads. Buddha beads are a token, or a reminder, to remind us that when we are in trouble, when we are depressed, when we are out of balance, we can adjust our mentality, and deal with people in a more integrated and global way. It is to remind oneself to deal with all kinds of situations calmly, to adjust one's mind, and to be harmonious. To reduce the mental control of Buddha's health, that is, to reduce or even eliminate the cover up of troubles, so that the immeasurable treasure gradually emerges.