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Zhang Guorong is gay or bisexual

Zhang Guorong is gay or bisexual Zhang Guorong has been dead for more than ten years. Before his death, his love relationship attracted much attention. Everyone knows that his last partner was Tang Hede. But before that, Zhang Guorong had several female partners. Is Zhang Guorong gay or bisexual?

Zhang Guorong's love life has always been concerned, and the media has concentrated on his relationship with Mr. Tang. Although he has not denied that he is a couple of lovers with Mr. Tang, Zhang Guorong has never publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation. When he was interviewed by the magazine & lsquo; times & rsquo; recently, Zhang Guorong publicly acknowledged for the first time: & lsquo; asked about my sexual orientation. I would like to say that I It's bisexual. ’

Zhang Guorong's love life is not lonely. In his early days, he had an affair with Mao Shunyun, Ni Shibei and Mei Yanfang. However, only Mr. Tang was the name that later appeared beside Zhang Guorong. At first, Zhang Guorong escaped from the media, but in recent years, he didn't mind being photographed with Mr. Tang, or even reporting the news of their cohabitation. His love life was more open, but he never let go of his sexual orientation.

It wasn't until the Asian edition of time magazine, which just launched on May, published an interview with Zhang Guorong that he burst out: "it's better to say I'm bisexual.". &Is Zhang Guorong in love with men and women? Earlier, in an interview with his old lover Mao Shunyun's cable TV program, he said that if Mao Shunyun accepted his proposal at that time, he would probably rewrite his life. But in recent years, there are few women who have been involved with Zhang Guorong.

In addition to admitting that he is bisexual, Zhang Guorong also revealed his unhappy childhood in an interview with the time magazine. He said that although he had ten brothers and sisters, the youngest childhood in his memory was very lonely. He said that when his brother dated girls, he often hid in a corner to play & lsquo; Barbie & rsquo;.

Zhang Guorong also said how to persuade Liang Chaowei to shoot a bed play in the spring. He revealed that Liang Chaowei knew that he wanted to shoot a drama in bed for two days, so he took the initiative to guide Liang Chaowei and share with him the experience of "the past".

Zhang Guorong tells Liang Chaowei that he has made intimate dramas with many actresses, but he doesn't enjoy it. He only thinks it's a job. He also tells Liang that he won't fall in love with him because he's shooting scenes in bed with him, nor really want to have sex with him, because Liang is not his type. After this deep communication, the intense bed play was successfully filmed.