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How Zhang Guorong died

How Zhang Guorong died another year's April Fool's Day is coming. In this festival full of teasing, countless fans and fans of Zhang Guorong still remember their idols. The fallen superstar of Chinese music and film industry has passed away for 15 years. Many people have questioned the cause of his death. Why did Zhang Guorong commit suicide? What was the real cause of his death? Let's have a look.

April 1, 2003 April Fool's day, Hong Kong this day drizzled, every year's April Fool's day will have many pranks, but this year's April Fool's day, there is a message, shocked everyone. At 18:41, a man fell from the 24th floor of the cultural Oriental Hotel in Central Plaza, Hong Kong. After the police arrived, they confirmed that the victim was a 46 year old man surnamed Zhang. He was sent to Mary's hospital. At 19:06 p.m., the rescue was invalid and he was declared dead. Hong Kong police later confirmed that the person killed in the crash was Cheung. However, the photos of the scene of Zhang Guorong's accident soon became the front page headlines of the major media. However, querying why Zhang Guorong jumped from the building became the most popular topic of the media at that time. Police found a wallet, a parking permit, a mask, a mobile phone and a lighter in Zhang Guorong's body. In addition, a short note was found. Zhang Guorong's jump left countless unsolved mysteries for later generations.

According to witnesses at the scene, before the accident, Zhang Guorong was heard arguing with his friends in the club, and then it happened soon after. Second, several newspapers mentioned the cause of Zhang Guorong's death in their reports, and the most important one is about the report of two suicide notes, one of which said: 'expression thank you very much, my friends thank you very much, Professor mcleffei has been working hard for a year, I can't bear it anymore. Thank you, Tang Tang. Thank you, my family. Thank you, sister Fei. I haven't done anything bad in my life. Why is that? 'last signed Leslie. The other is about knowing a young man in his 20s. He didn't know how to choose between him and Tang Dynasty. He was very troubled, so he chose to commit suicide.

In this way, among all kinds of media speculation, emotional change seems to be the most gossip, but it seems to be the most conclusive reason for the evidence. But the contents of these two bequeaths are totally different, at least one of them must be false. So who is this Tang Dynasty? His name was Tang Hede, a former senior executive of Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank. He was a good friend of Zhang Guorong for more than 20 years. At his funeral, Tang Hede seemed to be a lot older, and his eyes almost never left the portrait of Zhang Guorong. Seeing these, who would believe the so-called changes between them? In fact, the most powerful evidence to negate the two people's emotional changes is two bequeaths, which have the same and obvious mistakes. Tang Tang, as a name, is actually a playful name given to Tang Hede by Hong Kong tabloids. Zhang Guorong, in public, has always been used to being called Mr. Tang. He once said publicly in an interview that he was disgusted with Tang as a name. It seems that the so-called emotional change and the bequeath note are not tenable.

After Zhang Guorong's death, there are various opinions, such as emotional changes, running into evils, entering the drama too deeply, and so on, which are full of various media. But for all this, his family remained silent until the day of the funeral. On April 8, 2003, Maggie Xuan, Zhang Guorong's niece, said: last April, he called me and asked me to accompany him to visit his mother-in-law. That's his mother. Then I knew that he began to be ill. He is suffering from depression. This is Zhang Guorong's family's final explanation for his suicide.

In 2003, Zhang Guorong was already suffering from severe depression. At last, he didn't resist the thought of suicide brought by depression. At last, Zhang Guorong chose to jump from the building and ended his life, leaving countless classics and regrets for later generations.

Why did Zhang Guorong commit suicide

On April 1, 2003, my brother Zhang Guorong left us forever. April 1 this year is the 14th anniversary of Zhang Guorong's death. For 14 years, speculation about the mystery of Zhang Guorong's death has continued.

Many people are questioning why Zhang Guorong chose to inform his agent Chen Shufen before his death, rather than Tang Hede (Tang Tang), the beloved in his whole life. Chen Shufen said: 'I think he thinks I am strong, maybe he can trust me and look up to me, so I will do this important thing. '

She also agreed that her brother might be afraid of Tang Tang's sadness: 'I think he may be worried that Tang Sheng can't deal with it, will be at a loss, will be so sad that he doesn't know how to deal with it at all, and may have more serious things. He doesn't want to see bad things happen. '

Chen Shufen and Zhang Guorong have been together for 22 years, feeling like brothers and sisters. She knew that Zhang Guorong chose to inform her finally, believing that she could handle it calmly and preserve his final dignity. On the day of recollection, Chen Shufen said: 'I informed Tang Sheng at the first time and called the security guard at the second time. At that time, I was so surprised that I could deal with the matter so calmly. '

Zhang Guorong strives for perfection in everything. At the age of 46, he cares about his appearance and image in the eyes of movie fans. It is said that he has begun to worry about his bald hair, and actively transformed into a director behind the scenes.

Causes of Zhang Guorong's suicide

He once said publicly, "actors are only chess pieces, and directors are the soul of the whole movie.". He knew he couldn't keep his image of being young and perfect all the time, so he set up a production company in Hong Kong called "dream team" and was going to be a director behind the scenes. As a result of good heart, but also particularly north to Jiang Wen for advice. But also because of the pressure, the original has been opened to Beijing, Qingdao and other places to start shooting "steal heart" had to stop. Therefore, some people think that Zhang Guorong was deeply trapped by work pressure, so he finally chose to commit suicide. However, some people think that Zhang Guorong is because the pressure of public opinion on homosexuality is too great to bear. But the possibility is too small, because in 2000, there was news that he promised to judge the "top ten outstanding gay report awards" held by gay organizations free of charge, cheering on Hong Kong homosexuals, showing that he was finally willing to open his homosexual orientation. Since he worked for the relevant institutions three years ago, it is hard to justify his suicide for sexual orientation. Zhang Guorong's sudden death was lamentable. Before his death, there was one thing that kept him sad and unhappy, that is, he didn't complete the movie "stealing heart". This film condenses Zhang Guorong's countless efforts and is also his first work to transform from actor to director. After the script, actors and all other factors are well prepared, the film finally failed to start because of the lack of funds, which made him unhappy all the time.

He Jiping, the screenwriter and female writer of heart stealing, talked about the great influence of the unfinished film on Zhang Guorong. She said that Zhang Guorong devoted a lot of energy to this matter. Since the spring of 2002, they have worked together to prepare for "heart stealing" and ran to many places in Shanghai and Beijing. They even selected clothes, props, actors and executive directors. Later, because of the lack of funds, the movie was aborted. And Zhang Guorong is afraid to find someone else to invest in losing face, so the filming of the film is put on hold indefinitely, which is undoubtedly a huge blow to Zhang Guorong's perfect character.

He Jiping said: 'I was very sad to hear that he committed suicide. I always thought that if the movie was made, he might not be like this. I called him when I was going to make the adaptation of "the first building in the world". I said that if I had another chance, I would help him to finish the movie. I could hear that he was a little melancholy. It seemed that he could not forget the movie and wanted to talk. I also felt very uncomfortable. 'in his contact with Zhang Guorong, he Jiping felt that he had no depressed character and was an easygoing, frank and straightforward person, but she also thought that he had a kind of loneliness of' being too high to be cold '. People are so successful that sometimes they can't find their own place.

The mystery of Zhang Guorong's death: bad feelings

In addition to the remarkable achievements of the film, Zhang Guorong's feelings and sexual orientation are also concerned by his fans and fans. From 1996 to 1997, Zhang Guorong presented a song "the moon represents my heart" to Mr. Tang. He also said: "Mr. Tang is the beloved in my life besides my mother!" so that he officially opened his emotional world to the society. As a result, Zhang Guorong's name has never been separated from that of Mr. Tang. Therefore, many people speculated that he decided to end his life because of his bad feelings after jumping off the building.

It is said that in his suicide note, Zhang Guorong said that he was in a bad mood and could not make a choice between his friend Mr. Tang and a young man in his twenties. He felt very troubled and committed suicide. Does this mean that his relationship with Mr. Tang is getting far away? Does it mean that he is trapped in love and unable to extricate himself?

It is widely claimed that Zhang Guorong suffered from depression due to the ghost film "strange space", so that he had to push out the new film "beautiful Shanghai" of Tomson company that he had already taken over.

It is said that in May 2002, when Zhang Guorong made the film "strange space", he was so devoted that he couldn't get rid of the role even after the film was finished, resulting in excessive mental tension and suffering from mental depression. Until several months after filming, his voice was so angry that he went to see a doctor and took medicine. Zhang Guorong was forced to cancel his original work plan after being told that he was suffering from depression, including participating in the performances of beautiful Shanghai supervised by Xu Feng, stealing heart invested by Shi Xue, an investor of Lanyu, and recording plan. However, Zhang Guorong once denied this view, only admitted that he had greatly influenced his mood due to pressure, and in October 2002, he even took action to refute the rumors. Although he didn't receive an interview, he was very generous to support the 2002 cash Golden Sail Music Awards in a smart black suit. The conference originally arranged for him to enter from the secret passage, but he chose to enter from the main entrance, and allowed reporters to take photos, and waved to everyone from time to time, which seemed very cordial. Tan asked him, 'they say you are depressed, why don't I feel at all?' Zhang turned around immediately after hearing this and confirmed that he was very energetic. At that time, he was smiling all night. When he came to the stage, he kissed pan Fangfang, the hostess's cheek more coquettishly. When he spoke, his voice was loud, no hoarse, and he seemed very healthy & hellip; & hellip; at the beginning of such a different report, people would naturally disagree on the 'depression theory' of Zhang Guorong's death today. Moreover, Zhang Guorong's suicide note, which was later disclosed, completely distracted people's thinking from the word "depression".

The mystery of Zhang Guorong's death: living in seclusion abroad

In fact, there is a saying that brother didn't commit suicide, but lived in seclusion abroad with his beloved Tang Tang and lived a life like a fairy couple.

A female fan said that once when she was abroad, she was drunk in the bar because of her quarrel with her boyfriend and her unhappiness in life. That night, a man who was very similar to her brother sat by her side, comforted her, encouraged her and gave her courage, but later that female fan was drunk. When she woke up, her brother had already been drunk