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Top ten detective stories

Top ten detective stories Nowadays, detective novels are surging, especially those written in the domestic mode of detective + ghost + strange hobby, but how many are really fascinating? The really good-looking brain burning reasoning is a novel type which mainly describes the occurrence of cases and the process of reasoning and detection. Many classic detective novels have been repeatedly remade into films. Xiaobian is also a fan of detective stories. Sherlock Holmes, the Dutch Shoe riddle and other classic detective stories, animation, Detective Conan, the golden field children's event book and so on are all Xiaobian's favorites. Today, Xiaobian recommends 10 Super good-looking and brain burning detective and reasoning novels for you.

1. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a collection of novels written by British writer Arthur Middleton Conan Doyle. Its main character is Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Middleton Holmes). It has four novels and 56 Short Stories. The first long novel the study of blood characters was completed in 1886. The next year, it was published in the bierton Christmas annals together with other works. It has been adapted into films and TV series many times. Most of the stories are narrated from the perspective of John H. Watson, a friend and biographer of Holmes. Only two were written by Holmes himself and two by the third person.

2. The mystery of Dutch shoes

The enigma of Dutch shoes is a book written by Ellery Middleton Quinn and published by Stokes. The main content of the book is that on the operating table of the Dutch Memorial Hospital, Mrs. dawn died mysteriously in front of Ellery Middleton Quine near the operation. A wire wound around her neck. The most suspected doctor let Nai exercise his right of silence, not to say a word to the mysterious visitors before the operation. The mystery of the dauron family haunts the Almighty Ellery & middot Quinn, the devout housekeeper? Evil mistress? Weak girl? Mysterious visitors disappear, mysterious doctors are afraid of being plotted, mysterious murders come one after another, and & hellip; & hellip; Ellery & middot; Quine will finally explain the mystery to you. The book also inserts "challenge the reader". You may as well accept the challenge.

3. Mystery of Greek Coffin

The Greek Coffin Mystery is known as the Bible in the inferential novel and the peerless classic in the works of Ellery Middleton Quine. In the enigma of the Greek Coffin, Quinn never talks about him from the left to the right, but from the beginning to the end in a single way, firmly locking the reader's eyes on several key logical points of event reasoning, such as the direction of the will, the color of the tie, the use of the tea cup, the existence of the bullet hole, the characteristics of the typewriter and so on. The enigma of Greek Coffin, with its exquisite mystery, rigorous logic, reasonable layout and fluent writing, is a rare classic in the inferential novel and a worthy model of the classic inferential novel.

4. Point and line

"Point and line" is one of the three masterpieces of Japanese famous reasoner Matsumoto Qingzhang. It was selected as the first one of the top 10 reasoner novels in Japanese reasoner literature, the first one of the best reasoner novels in Japanese reasoner Association, and the "top 10 reasoner novels in Asia" in British guardian. On November 11, 1958, Dongying film company made a movie of it; in 2007, Asahi TV, as the 50th anniversary program of its opening, remade the TV drama version, starring the famous film and television actor Kitano Wu. Through keen observation and calm analysis, this paper describes the collusion and malpractice between the political and financial circles, reveals the shortcomings of the times, and is known as one of the top ten reasoning novels in the world.

5. The tragedy on the Nile

The tragedy on the Nile is a novel written by Agatha Christie. The story tells the story of three murders on a yacht on the Nile River and the investigation of the incident by Hercule Middleton bolo, a Belgian detective. Finally, bolo brings tourists together and reveals the truth of the three cases. It is written that Miss Lynette Ridgway, who owns a fortune, married her friend Jacqueline d'belfort's lover Simon d'Or and they took a luxury cruise from Britain to the Nile River in Egypt for their honeymoon. The yacht carries the gentry, celebrities and fallen aristocrats from all over the world. This is a charming, romantic and luxurious tour. However, the serial murders on the yacht make the whole yacht a 'journey to death'.

6. Mugger Street murder

Mugger Street murder is a medium-sized detective novel written by Edgar and Allan Poe. It was published in Graeme magazine in May 1841, and is generally recognized as the first reasoning novel in the world. The French detective DuPont in the story is also an important reference for the protagonists in the following reasoning novels. The mugger Street murder tells the story of a murder. In Paris, France, the mother and daughter were killed in a locked apartment. Dupin, a reasoning expert, found that the police ignored a certain passage into the room, and based on the information provided by the witness and his careful observation, inferred that the perpetrator was an orangutan who fled to avoid the punishment of the owner.

7. Killing in this battle

"The murder of this array" is compiled by the official history of Henggou, Okayama County, rural areas, winter. The family of Liu, a descendant of the fallen array, welcomes the wedding, and the head of the family, Xianzang, marries the young bride. However, on the night of the wedding, there was a terrible piano sound. The couple died in the house. The room is closed, and the murderer is nowhere to be seen. The fingerprints of three fingers at the scene became clues to the mystery of the secret chamber: multiple people testified that a suspicious three finger man had been around an Liu's house. Everyone was distressed by the murderer's technique and whereabouts. Only the invited help of Jintian Yigeng seemed to have other thoughts. At this time, the piano sound and fingerprints once again cut through the silence of the night, and the case turned around surprisingly & hellip; & hellip;

8. X's tragedy

Tragedy of X is a book published by new star press in 2010. The author is Quine. The story happened on a crowded tram. A man was killed in a car. Everyone saw the man's death, but no one found the killer. A lot of people have reason to hate the dead, including their partners. However, the clues that inspector Sam got all point to the dead end. Invited to participate in the investigation, Jerry & middot; Ryan, an old actor retired from his deafness to play Shakespeare's plays, claims to know who the murderer is, but refuses to identify the murderer without obtaining accurate evidence.

9. Three coffins

"Three coffins" is a reasoning novel published by Jilin Publishing Group Co., Ltd. in February 2011. It is written by John & Middleton; Dixon & Middleton; Karl, an American writer. In 1935, when the British version was launched, it was called the hollow man, and later changed its name to the three coffins when it was published in the United States. In 1981, this book was selected as the best secret room reasoning novel. The murder of Professor grimmer and the subsequent equally sensational carglio strode Street case cannot be overemphasized, even if they are described in terms of numerous and bizarre words. It's impossible for Dr. Phil's friends, who love impossible crimes, to find out more bizarre and shocking cases from his case records.

10. Murder of Orient Express

The murder of the Orient Express is a novel written by Agatha Middleton Christie, a British reasoner. It is one of Hercule Middleton bolo's series works and the most famous one. It was first published by the Collins crime club on January 1, 1934, and later in the same year by the dadmead company in the United States. The title of the book is the murder of the Calais carriage. This book is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding and famous works of Agatha Middleton Christie, and has been adapted into films and stage plays for many times. This paper tells the stories of Hercule and middot bolo, a famous Belgian detective, who solved an internal case for the French army in Aleppo, Syria.