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How to increase the quota of ant flower in 2018

How to increase the quota of ant flower in 2018 since Alipay launched Huabei, the vast majority of handchopping parties have been able to 'buy and buy'. Ant Huabei has greatly satisfied the fun of handchopping parties. However, Huabei is allocated according to the online shopping situation, and everyone's quota is limited, so how can ant Huabei raise the quota? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What's the amount of spending

Consumption quota is the quota provided by ant micro loan for online shopping according to your comprehensive online shopping situation. Huabei, tmall by stages, tmall by trial and then buy, Taobao by use and then pay service share a consumption quota. If you use any of these services, the consumption quota will be occupied; after repayment, the consumption quota will be restored.

give an example:

1. If the account consumption quota is 5000 yuan and Huabei purchases 2000 yuan of goods, the consumption quota is 2000 yuan, and the available consumption quota is 3000 yuan (i.e. 5000-2000 yuan);

2. If tmall has purchased 1000 yuan of commodities by stages, 2000 yuan (3000-1000 yuan) can be used as consumption quota;

3. If 1000 yuan is repaid, the available consumption quota will be restored to 3000 yuan.

4. If there is any reason for tmall to stop the payment of yu'ebao fund in installments, the repayment shall first recover yu'ebao stop payment fund and then restore the consumption quota.

How to view consumption quota

You can log in to Alipay's official website to view the consumption quota. Most merchants or commodities of tmall and Taobao support Huabei service. If you can see Huabei service during payment, it means that the commodity supports it.

How to increase the limit of Alipay Huabei

The limit of RMB 2000 / transaction / day and RMB 20000 / transaction / day for the original non digital certificate customers in the general Alipay account.

Customer conditions for applying for digital certificate:

1. To apply for this product, you need to provide Taobao's store with the same name and link address or the signed Alipay collection interface product

2. You must have a Alipay account before applying, and pass the real name certification note (this product only refers to the transfer between Alipay account and account, not the increase of payment limit on the website or Taobao website)

According to Xiaobian, the best way to increase the consumption quota is to have a good credit. If you spend more money, you can automatically increase it