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How to set up family sharing function on iPhone

How to set up family sharing on iPhone the iPhone device has the function of family sharing. You can share photos with your family. You can also share the paid apps that you have bought from each other. You don't need to pay for them many times. Many fans like it. How can I use the iPhone family sharing? Let's have a look.

'family sharing' is one of the important parts of IOS 11, which has two main functions. On the one hand, family members share books, apps, music, movies, etc. purchased in iTunes; on the other hand, family members share photos, calendars, files, etc. Under the 'settings icloud' interface, click 'settings family sharing' to enter the function configuration interface.

First of all, the biggest application of the 'family sharing' function is photo sharing. Once family sharing is enabled, the system will create a family photo stream, so that as long as any family member's photos are put into the family album, other family members can browse and view on their own devices, and will automatically update. Another big sharing application is calendar sharing. For example, you want to create a Calendar Reminder for family dinner on weekends, so that each family member can see and receive reminders in their own calendar.

ITunes purchase sharing is also a highlight of this feature. For example, if you buy an app in iTunes, and your family wants to install it, they don't need to purchase it separately or share their Apple ID, as long as they are family members. Similarly, purchased music, movies, TV programs, books, etc. can be easily accessed by family members. This feature supports purchase item sharing for up to six people.

In addition, finding the devices lost by family members is also easy because of the "family sharing" function. As long as the family location sharing function is turned on, any family member can locate the devices of any member of the family by finding my iPhone.