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How much is the ticket price of the glass plank road in Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie glass plank road is famous in the world. If you have enough courage, you can try it! Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain glass plank road is suspended on the west line of the mountain top, 60 meters long, with the highest altitude of 1430 meters. Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain scenic area is next to the ghost Valley plank road suspended on the cliff, the glass overlooking platform extending out of the sky, which can be seen from below.

The glass platform of Tianmen Mountain stretches 4-5m out of the plank road for tourists to take photos. It is another daring work after the wooden suspension bridge across the canyon Related article link:

In order to let visitors see the beautiful scenery through the glass bridge without any defects, the tourists on the bridge are required to wear shoe covers to keep the glass bridge transparent and clean. If you are brave enough, you must challenge the eastern sky road at the top of Tianmen Mountain. In addition to using reinforced concrete to build a support every one meter or so, the plank road is all made of toughened glass with high transparency. It is said that each glass can bear 1000 kg, so there is no problem in safety. The handrail is also made of double-layer toughened glass and stainless steel framework!

Tickets to Tianmen Mountain glass plank road, Zhangjiajie

Market price: 10 yuan. In addition to the tickets of Tianmenshan National Forest Park, the price of glass plank road on the west line of Tianmenshan is 5 yuan (the cost of shoe cover), and a deposit of 5 yuan (if the shoe cover is broken, it will not be refunded). The deposit can be refunded at the other end of plank road. Folding opening time peak season (March 1 ~ November 30): 8:00 ~ 16:00 off season (December 1 ~ February 28): 8:00 ~ 16:30