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How to repay Alipay Huabei the latest repayment process of Alipay Huabei in 2018

The latest payment process of Alipay Huabei in 2018 now the mobile Alipay has the function of "Huabei". Users can purchase goods on tmall or Taobao according to the above quota. If the repayment is made on schedule next month without interest, then how should Alipay pay? Let's take a look at the repayment process of Huabei.

How to repay Alipay?

1. After entering Alipay wallet, click [service] to find Huabei. If there is no Huabei, you can find Huabei's service through the search function.

2. When you enter Huabei service, you may see the prompt for repayment, or click me, and then click [repayment] to enter the repayment process.

3. Enter how much you want to pay back here. Generally, you can pay it off at one time. If you really don't have any money, you can pay it in installments.

4. Enter Alipay's mobile payment password here to complete the repayment. After the repayment is successful, you can see the cost in the bill.

5. When you see Huabei in the bill, you will see the money you owe when you enter Huabei again.