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Self driving tour of Lijiang in Qingming Festival

Self driving tour of Lijiang on Qingming Festival scenic spots and historic sites can be seen everywhere in Lijiang, with colorful natural landscape and splendid national culture. Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, he might as well take advantage of the Qingming holiday to drive to Lijiang, Yunnan Province, to enjoy the scenery of Lijiang, and feel the infinite style of Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Then, Xiaobian will recommend some scenic spots suitable for self driving.

I. Lijiang ancient city

The central part of Lijiang ancient city is a small square of about 500 square meters. If Lijiang is compared to Beijing, then this is its Tian'anmen Square. Sifang street has a broad street surface, four main streets radiate around, and each street is divided into many small streets and alleys, which are connected in all directions. Each lane is paved with colorful flowers and stones. It was originally the place where people of all ethnic groups trade commodities here. Now it has become the place where tourists gather and the most bustling and noisy place in Lijiang. On the second, fourth and sixth evenings of each week, the local young men's and women's associations spontaneously gathered in Sifang street for dancing. Beating and dancing is a kind of folk collective singing and dancing activity loved by people in many places of Yunnan Province. Bonfires are raised in the middle of Sifang street. Tourists from all directions are led by the local people to form a circle hand in hand, dancing with the music rhythm, forming a happy ocean.

Two: Shuhe ancient town is divided into old area and new area. The old district refers to the ancient village with a history of more than 800 years. The most interesting is the Qinglong ancient stone bridge built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, and the Jiuding Longtan, a spring for the survival of the residents of Shuhe river. The admission fee for Shuhe is 50 yuan, but it's a bit of a sham. The management is loose. Maybe it's stricter in the golden week or peak season. Usually, you can go in from the front door or the Yuerong villa road. Generally, there is no guard there. In a word, you don't have to be afraid of the ticket problem when you go to Shuhe, but you may have to spend 50 yuan during the golden week and summer vacation.

Three: Baisha ancient town

The two kilometer old Baisha Street Village, Ming and Qing architectural complex and Baisha fresco are its highlights. It's suggested to go by bike. The scenery on the road is simple. Compared with cycling to Shuhe, many foreigners prefer cycling to Baisha. Take a taxi, about 40 yuan. Baisha ancient town is free of tickets and does not need to show the receipt of the maintenance fee of the ancient town. Ticket for Baisha mural is 30 yuan.

IV. grand Yulong scenic spot

Yulong Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain in the mind of Naxi and Lijiang nationalities. Although the elevation of the main peak is only 5600 meters, it has not been conquered by human beings. The grand Yulong scenic area is a grand scenic area with Yulong Snow Mountain as the main part. The main attractions include the grand cableway, yakuping (middle cableway), yunshanping (small cableway), lanyuegu, Ganhaizi, Dongba Valley, yushuizhai, Dongba Pantheon garden, impression Lijiang of Zhang Yimou, etc. You can choose part of the tour according to your needs. The time is one day. With the highest altitude, the cableway can reach the embrace of snow mountain, zero distance contact with the snow on the mountain and the glacier with the lowest latitude. It is suitable for those who live in the South and have no chance to watch the snow.

V. Lashihai

This is where most tourists will go. You can have a day with Shuhe ancient town. Lashihai is a National Wetland Park, with lakes, grasslands, and a large group of migratory birds in winter. You can go to birdwatching, horse riding to experience the ancient tea horse road, boating, etc. It should be noted that rowing in summer is best arranged after 2pm, otherwise it's really sunny! Generally, you go to Lashihai for horse riding on the ancient tea horse road. The cost of horse riding varies from more than 100-500 depending on the distance of the line. You can talk about the price. How much you can talk about it depends on your skill.

The beauty of Lijiang in Yunnan is intoxicating and irresistible. However, in order to better feel the beauty of Lijiang, you need to know the relevant knowledge of Lijiang. I'd like to remind you that the climate here in Lijiang, Yunnan Province is characterized by a large temperature difference between morning and evening, and the clothes should be ready.