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How about a tumbler? What are the advantages of a tumbler

Washing machine is an important object in our daily life. The types of washing machine include wave wheel washing machine and roller washing machine. With the changes of the times, wave wheel washing machine is declining slowly. Roller washing machine becomes the mainstream. Is roller washing machine good? What are the advantages of roller washing machine? Let's have a look.

Advantages of drum washing machine

1. Save water

The roller washing machine adopts water-saving technology to control the amount of water, heating washing technology, three-dimensional washing mode and water-proof overflow function, such as deluge, immersion, wrestling, three-dimensional water flow, etc., which not only has no wear and tear on clothes, but also has a high degree of cleaning, and the role of water is played extremely, so it can save water. In general, the standard water for washing 5kg clothes with roller washing machine is 50L, only 1 / 3 of that of the wave washing machine.

2. Reliable quality of basic structure

Although the drum washing machine has gone through 80 years of development, it has not changed much in structure. Basically, it is made of stainless steel inner cylinder. It uses mechanical program controller and its shell is treated by phosphating, electrophoresis and painting. Its service life can reach 15 years, which is higher than that of plastic parts.

3. The washing is clean

The drum washing machine adopts six advanced washing methods, such as immersion, rain, wrestling, water washing, thermal decomposition and chemical action. It can wash clothes in 360 degrees in depth, so it can make them clean.

4. Exquisite and compact production

The drum washing machine has a beautiful appearance and a more compact structure than the wave wheel washing machine. Generally, the body of the drum washing machine is half the size of the wave wheel washing machine, which not only occupies a small space, but also is safe and convenient to use.