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Which brand of smart TV is better in 2018 top ten smart TV brands

Which brand of smart TV is better in 2018 in recent years, with the rapid upgrading of intelligent devices, smart TV has basically replaced traditional TV and entered thousands of households. Many TV manufacturers have turned to smart TV, and there are a variety of TV brands in the market with different prices. What about 2018 smart TV? And look at the top ten smart TV rankings in 2018.

Top 10 smart TV brands in 2018: Samsung

As the largest TV manufacturer in the world, Samsung has a very eye-catching performance in the Chinese market. In 2014, its share in the main 100 cities in China reached 29.9%, ranking first, 14.2% higher than the second. Earlier, DisplaySearch data showed that in 2014, Samsung topped the global color TV sales champion with 29.2% share for the ninth consecutive year, even more than the sum of two or three enterprises.

Samsung smart TV can connect to cable signals and watch live TV programs; it should be noted that Samsung smart TV adopts a system developed by itself, rather than Android system, that is to say, Samsung smart TV can only download the software provided in Samsung apps platform, and cannot download Android Software. But as far as the Chinese market is concerned, Samsung smart TV is the biggest selling smart TV brand.

The second place of top ten smart TV brands in 2018: LG

LG, as a big brand of Korean TV and Samsung Qihang, has always been at the forefront of smart TV. LG TV has always been selling IPS hard screen and non flash 3D functions. It has been launched with good smart TV products, and its popularity is not low. LG's smart operating system has strong compatibility and many intelligent applications. LG TV's panel is more famous and belongs to the top panel in the world.

Third place of top ten smart TV brands in 2018: sharp

In 1953, sharp launched the first black-and-white TV set in Japan, which opened a brilliant chapter in the TV industry. Only seven years later, sharp launched Japan's first color TV. In early 1960, sharp began mass production of color TV sets. In 1988, the world's first 14 inch high-definition TFT color LCD was also born in sharp. Buying a TV is buying a screen. Sharp has always been a synonym for high-quality LCD screens.

Fourth place of top ten smart TV brands in 2018: Xiaomi

As we all know, Xiaomi is a mobile phone. In just five years, Xiaomi has grown into a world-wide mobile phone giant. In 2013, Xiaomi company launched its first TV product Xiaomi TV. When it was launched, it relied on high-end configuration, people-friendly price (1 price of 47 inch Xiaomi TV is 2999 yuan) and excellent MIUI TV version system experience as well as complete mobile phones. The interaction between routing and tablet devices is Xiaomi TV There is a good reputation in the market. At present, Xiaomi has launched three products: 47 inch Xiaomi TV 1, 49 inch Xiaomi TV 2 launched in May 2014, and 40 inch Xiaomi TV 2 launched in March 2017. Xiaomi TV is a good choice for smart TV, which adheres to Xiaomi's mobile phone fever feelings and people-friendly prices.

No. 5 of top 10 smart TV brands in 2018: Sony

In the past two years, with the rise of domestic Internet TV, people's impression of foreign brands is that the content is not as rich as the domestic brands, so they try to enhance the image quality as a selling point. This time, however, Sony also tried to layout the content of the TV. First is the joint Tencent game, built-in zone. Tencent games will optimize the operation mode of the large screen, remote control or handle. Although the quality of the game is still inferior to Sony Playstation, it is better than some manufacturers to directly put the mobile app into their own application market. But with Tencent game cooperation, if other manufacturers want to copy is also easy.

No. 6 of top 10 smart TV brands in 2018: Hisense

Hisense smart TV is well-known in China and has a large market share. It uses Android open operation market and has a large number of application resources that can be downloaded and installed. The quality of Hisense smart TV is relatively good. At the same time, Hisense TV is striving to create a unified experience and realize the linkage between mobile flat panel and TV.

No. 7 of the top ten smart TV brands in 2018: Skyworth Kukai

The new internet intelligent TV brand, Skyworth Kukai, introduced in 2014, is introduced here. Skyworth Kukai relies on Skyworth's excellent experience in color TV manufacturing and today's Internet concept to ensure good interaction and product quality of Kukai TV. Kukai TV has built-in applications such as cost saving, Alipay, hydropower and coal, which is also a feature.

No. 8 of top 10 smart TV brands in 2018: Konka

Konka smart TV is also common in domestic stores, including multiple series models, most of which adopt OMI system, and can freely load and run application software and third-party programs based on software development kit. However, the lack of Android support limits its application resources.

No. 9 of top 10 smart TV brands in 2018: Changhong

Changhong TV is a veteran of the TV industry, and has always been the leading brand of domestic color TV. Changhong smart TV is mainly composed of 880ix series, covering 40, 46, 50 and 55 sizes. However, compared with other smart TV, Changhong smart TV has no outstanding features. Let's take the old book.

Top 10 smart TV brands in 2018: TCL

TCL intelligent TV products include three series of products, x9200, v8200 and p7200. Like traditional color TV manufacturers such as Skyworth and Konka, hardware and color adjustment are its advantages, while system experience, user interaction and ecological construction are its weak points.